How to Get Rid of Plaque

Plaque is a sticky form of bacteria that forms on our teeth. It can not only destroy the teeth but also lead to the development of pneumonia, as it actively develops bacteria and there is little arguing to the statement that plaque can turn into tartar gradually.

To get rid of this problem, you can opt for the services of a dentist or you can go for home remedies.


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    Eat natural bleach as much as possible. These include raw apples, carrot and lemon. These products have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel which contributes to natural purification.

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    Try cleaning you teeth with a baking soda. Apply a small amount of baking soda on your toothbrush and thoroughly clean all the problematic areas. This method eventually brings a whitening effect but one should be careful not to use this more than twice a week.

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    The most common way to get rid of plaque is probably ultrasound. This technology helps to get rid of the oral cavity. The process is fairly quick and painless. You are strictly advised to consult your doctors before trying this.

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    Most dental surgeries are carried out by special machines, ultrasonic tip. It does not hurt the enamel and removes plaque. Once the dental plaque is removed, the teeth are than treated with special pastes. These pastes polish teeth and protect it from the harmful effects of saliva.

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    There is little arguing to the statement that bleaching is becoming a popular method to get rid of the disease. However, dentists hardly suggest this method as they know that the procedure involves a lot of chemicals .

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    No matter how corny it sounds but you should try to quit smoking. If you cannot cope with this habit, it will take you more time to win the battle against the disease. Smoke inhaled by smoking, is composed of very heavy tar and nicotine, which adversely affects not only the colour of our teeth but also for the whole body.

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    Coffee and soda lovers should quit these products or at least reduce their consumption to a minimum since it affects your teeth badly.

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    A good way to get rid of plaque is to use hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and apply to your teeth for three minutes. It is desirable to have a special thread for cleaning the teeth, especially if you cannot brush your teeth.

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