How to Reduce Allergy Induced Asthma

Allergies can be a lot of trouble when they hit you. A dripping nose that is choked makes it hard to breathe on occasions and one feels tired and exhausted. Allergies can sometimes take an uglier turn and cause asthma.

The ability to breathe properly is crucial for humans and asthma attacks can be physically straining and mentally annoying as well. In order to reduce the allergy induced asthma, we must be willing to adopt a lifestyle that is healthy and helps us fight allergies. This is the best way to move forward.


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    Avoid Allergens

    One can have allergies from any kind of product. Generally the allergies that induce asthma include cold air, dust and pollen amongst others. Make sure that you stay away from them particularly at a time when allergies are running rampant. One way of countering their effect is to use a surgical face mask as it can filter some of the air that you breathe. Also, avoid areas that are dusty or have too many trees or plants that are releasing pollen.

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    Stay Warm

    The allergy induced asthma is at its worst during the winter as the weather gets cold and allergies are a plenty due to dry weather. Make sure that you keep yourself warm as a lower body temperature will aid the asthma to gain strength. Wearing an extra layer of clothing may not sound fun but it will surely help you in staying healthy.

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    Avoid Greasy Food

    Make sure that you do not consume too much greasy food. Even if you do, make sure that the quantity is not large and you eat it only when it is warm. Eating cold greasy food can cause inflammation inside your body and make it difficult for you to breathe. Also, drinking some hot beverages such as tea or coffee can be good for you in the allergy season.

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    Lower Allergy Level

    Take good quality antihistamines to make sure that the level of allergy stays low. This is very important as the asthma can stay in control if the allergies are not taking a toll on you. Anti- allergy drugs are available over the counter and if you want to continue working, you can take the non-drowsy ones. However, it is worth taking a day off to rest and counter allergies as this will give you a better chance to fight the issue.

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