How are Kidney Problems Treated?

Millions of people suffer and die from problems related to their kidneys every year. It is very important that you are aware of all the symptoms and signs that are associated with kidney disease. One symptom that you will want to be aware of is if you begin to see urine in your blood. What happens is that a person will usually get sicker and sicker. They will also begin to vomit because of the waste toxins that will fill their blood. This is because the kidneys are supposed to filter out the waste.

Once your case reaches a severe state you will then be placed on a dialysis machine. There is no other option other than dialysis. If you do not have this treatment you will more than likely die. You body has a membrane that can function like an artificial kidney. The peritoneum, which is a smooth, transparent membrane that forms a sac around the digestive organs can be used as a filter to cleanse the body. The inner side of this membrane lines a space called the peritoneal cavity. The peritoneum is like a deflated bay, which is sandwiched between the organs of the abdomen.

One treatment that many doctors recommend to those patients who are afraid of needles is called peritoneal dialysis. The way it works is that a special dialysis fluid is place in the peritoneal cavity through a catheter tube that has been surgically implanted in the lower abdomen. The fluid contains dextrose, and by means of osmosis, waste products and extra fluid from the blood are pulled through the peritoneum into the dialysis fluid, which is within the peritoneal cavity.

The waste products that would normally have been eliminated as urine are now in the dialysis fluid. This will usually take about 45 minutes to complete. If this process is not done properly a person can develop peritonitis, which is a serious and potentially fatal infection of the peritoneum. Usually this is just a temporary fix, they will usually try to find you a donor kidney.

This can be very difficult and trying for a person to deal with, especially if it is your child who is dealing with this problem. They will need plenty of love and support from as many family and friends as possible. It will take it’s toll on everyone. Also make sure you weigh all of your options before making a decision.

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