How to Take Sharp Attack of Pain in the Heart

Myocardial infarction or heart attack is a form of ischemic heart disease, leading to an acute lack of blood supply. In order not to die of a heart attack, there should be timely medical assessment and how to behave in the very first minutes and hours.

Whenever you feel severe pain in the heart, it’s a heart attack. A sharp pain in the heart is often referred to as Angina attack. But in most cases, the pain indicates intercostals neuralgia, which also needs treatment. Blood pressure may significantly increase during the attack.


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    If you regularly or occasionally feel shortness of breath, suffer from serious diseases of the endocrine system, overweight, have unstable blood pressure, dizziness, general weakness, consult a cardiologist.

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    Try to have a full medical examination. Cardiovascular system is examined by ECG and echocardiography respectively. If necessary, designate coronary angiography, the biochemical analysis of blood. Timely diagnosis and treatment in most cases helps you in avoiding a heart attack.

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    Along with the advice and treatment prescribed by the doctor, give up smoking. In the presence of obesity, make every effort to normalize your overall weight and promptly pass the examination by an endocrinologist to rule out diabetes mellitus. If diabetes is diagnosed, carefully watch sugar level in blood and consult an endocrinologist for correct treatment.

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    If the heart attack had happened, immediately seek medical help. The first signs of heart attack include: pain in chest, left shoulder and upper arm, to the neck and sometimes jaw. You may see a severe shortness of breath and sweating during the attack.

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    Ask family members to prepare a list of all the medicines that you have taken or are taking, as well as a list of resources that you are contraindicated or you do not carry. If the house has a cardiogram, prepare it for viewing medical emergency care.

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