Symptoms of Staph Infection in Nose

The bacterium Staphylococcus aureus which is also known as S. aureus or Staph is the main culprit behind a Staph infection in the nose. The Staph bacterium is usually found around the skin and in the nose. S. aureus can sometimes cause an infection in the nose which can lead to discomfort and pain. The most common types of nose infections caused by the S. aureus bacterium are carbuncles, furuncles and impetigo. These are basically boils of different sizes that grow under the skin which eventually rupture and leak out pus. Although most Staph infections are mild, some can become quite severe and even life threatening if not treated in time. Below are symptoms to help determine if you are suffering from a Staph infection in your nose.


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    Yellow mucous discharge:

    Yellow mucous discharge is often an indicator that you are suffering from a Staph infection of the nose. This thick mucous is cause by the body’s immune system trying to fight the infection. The infection often leads to inflamed or congested sinus cavities in and around the face.

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    Development of Carbuncles and Furuncles:

    Carbuncles and furuncles are boils which develop on the skin. Carbuncles are a group of boils that become engorged with pus and eventually leak. This type of boil can sometimes become a serious infection as it takes a greater length of time to heal. The smaller boils that grow under the skin are known as furuncles. These boils also grow and eventually discharge pus. If you have either type of boil growing under your skin, there is a good chance that you are suffering from a Staph infection.

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    Development of Impetigo:

    Around the mouth and nose, scabs can develop which are known as Impetigo. Although this usually occurs in children, many adults are known to get this symptom when suffering from a Staph infection in the nose.

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    Pain in Nasal Passages:

    If you are suffering from pain in the nasal passages there is a good chance that you might be suffering from a Staph infection in the nose. The pain is caused by the sinus cavity becoming infected and congested.

  • 5

    Fever, cough and sore throat:

    When dealing with a Staph infection of the nose, many people suffer from a fever combined with a sore throat or cough. These symptoms along with the other mentioned above are clear indicators that you could have a Staph infection.

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    Pneumonia, Meningitis and Endocarditis:

    In severe cases of Staph infections of the nose there is a possibility that you can develop Pneumonia, Meningitis or Endocarditis. These are very serious symptoms which not be taken lightly and if you feel that you might have one of these symptoms you should visit a doctor immediately.

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