How to Diagnose Otitis Media with Effusion

Diagnosing Otitis media with effusion is not very difficult. You have to be observant enough to see what is wrong with an individual’s middle ear which either mucous or serous. People who carry symptoms with hearing loss or aural fullness along with pain and fever, you should know that is Otitis media with effusion. When medical specialists check children for hearing loss, they use an audiogram. When someone suffers from a case of mild hearing loss, atmospheric pressure and transudate formation, you can easily identify that these are the symptoms of Otitis media and effusion.


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    Understand Otitis media with effusion

    Before diagnosing Otitis media with effusion, you should know about the disease itself. Along with understanding it, you should also know what are the causes and symptoms of Otitis media with effusion. This is also important that you should also understand about the difference between Otitis media with effusion and other different forms of middle ear infections as well. Some doctors and specialist say Otitis media with effusion has a broader perspective as it is simply a generic term of ear and middle ear infections or inflammation of the middle ear not from specific etiology or pathogenesis. According to many doctors, inside the ear, eustachian tubes are attached inside of the ear to the back of the throat and the tube basically helps stop all the fluids from moving up in the ear.

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    Different types of allergies also are the main causes of Otitis media with effusion. The allergies make the middle ear more sensitive to the environment as Otitis media with effusion become difficult to treat. In many cases, the fluid is watery and clear which comes from inside of the ear whenever Otitis media with effusion happens. Many doctors will rightly know after these symptoms arise but in many other cases you need to look on other symptoms as well.

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    Irritations and respiratory infections

    Irritations and respiratory symptoms also tell you that someone is suffering from Otitis media with effusion.

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    Sudden increases in air pressure

    Sometimes sudden increase in air pressure also increases the pain inside the middle ear.

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