June 3 Race for the Cure

On Saturday June 3, was the annual Race for the cure for Breast Cancer. 47,000 people met on the National Mall, here in Washington, D.C. for the event. 3, 700 were breast cancer surviors. This race for the cure has been done for the past 17 years. It raises breast cancer awareness, and funds go toward the fight against breast cancer. It celebrates those who are surviors, and honors those who lost the battle.

I am a strong supporter of Breast Cancer, and I feel it is important to be aware of this life threatening disease. On our local station WUSA, here in Washington they have started what they call buddy check 9. On the 9th of each month, they remind you about doing self breast examines, and early detection. You can even go on line and they will email you reminders.

If your like me, I take these things for granted. I’m aware of breast cancer, but I do need reminders. I go for my annual mammogram each year, but doing the self exam, when your taking your shower, will also help detect if you feel something (a lump). Doing these self exams help. Many of us are living quite a hectic life style, with work, managing your family, we forget to take time for the simple things in life. So I am strongly urging each of you to take time out and get checked. Men, please do not think that because it is breast cancer that it does not affect you. It affects all of us. Men can get breast cancer also. Breast cancer affects an entire family.

If you do not live in the Washington, DC area, check your local news listing for Buddy check 9 and sign up abcnews.go.com.

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