Signs & Symptoms of Corn Allergy

The failure to completely digest corn protein is called corn allergy. Some people lack the biological equipment needed for the proteins to break down. The digestive process is disrupted due to half broken molecules in the intestine. Many suffer from this allergy but it often goes unnoticed because it is found a lot in processed food. The signs differ a lot in different people. For some people even the smell of fresh popcorn can start a reaction, others face less severe forms. It can affect a person’s daily routine and becomes intolerable for some. It will be useful to get a test dome to detect if you are allergic. Also keep a tab on your food to analyze if corn causes any allergy and read processed food labels carefully to avoid corn in any form.


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    This is among the most widespread signs. People get so used to these swellings that many a times they don’t even realize that it’s because of corn. If you are ankles are swollen and your body aches, it might be because you are allergic. It is because the joints are inflamed and over all your body stiffens.
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    It is a very severe reaction. It is said very grave and can take life. The reaction is somewhat like that of peanuts or insect stings. It allows certain chemicals to enter the body in access which results in shock. The pulse rate becomes unstable and a person encounters breathing difficulties. Sometimes it is followed by vomiting. The blood pressure becomes very low and a person could even faint if it goes too low. The sufferer has to be taken to the emergency room urgently to get an epinephrine injection. If treatment is not done properly, it results in death.
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    Severe headaches are also one of the signs that you may be allergic to corn. These are so intense and agonizing that sometimes people can’t bear the pain and may end up vomiting. When a migraine occurs, the sufferer gets very sensitive towards sound or light. The pain is usually concentrated on one part of the head and does take time to stop.
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    Insulin resistant
    Being insulin resistant could be due to a corn allergy. People almost faint after consumption and start thinking they have diabetes. The sufferer feels dizzy, sometimes the vision becomes blurry and the body temperature gets low, resulting in feeling a chill all the time.
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