Stiffed, Hightly Confident,
Crime School: Money Laundering,
Takedown, Masters of Deception;
All titles familiar or not.
Den of Thieves, Law and Disorder
On the Electronic Frontier,
The Cuckoo’s Egg;
More of the same.
Selecting a book to read
May not be as easy anymore.
So many writers come and go.
The list of books; neverending.
Want more?
Teen Violence, Juvenile Crime,
Why They Kill, Dark Dreams;
Stuck in a rut
Of Adult Non-Fiction.
Metal and wood bookshelves,
Gliding step-stool seats,
Geometric patterned carpet,
All looks so neat.
Short stubby pencils,
Scraps of paper,
Notebook on desk,
As I write on the paper.

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