The TwoDaLoo Toilet for Two: Should it Be Used at the China Olympic Games? I Vote No.

For the sake of readers, I am going to keep this one short. You can thank me later. Because I’m on deadline, I wrote this article instead (strange warm-up exercise I use to shake up my brain cells, sometimes unkindly called procrastination by others). Read on. I’ll still meet my deadline for the other article (that part was just in case my editor happened to see this).

What you need to know before reading the list:

There is a product, a toilet for two, called the TwoDaLoo. It isn’t a new product and humorists have fallen in love with it, probably because it is so easily the butt of many jokes (see?). It is a product begging to be laughed at. Why? Because it is a two person toilet, although the manufacturers have kindly decided to make two separate seats, a bit like those old-fashioned love seats where two people face each other, each with their own section of seating. Here, have a look:

Couldn’t resist, could you? Ha! Neither can many people, including humorists. But don’t worry, I am not a humorist. You can continue to read this article safely and with total seriousness. If you only read serious articles, read on. Trust me. If you have trust issues, this is a good place to start. You might even enjoy yourself as you read on….

Product Details:

Unless someone else got jealous and stole the idea, this is basically a toilet that two people can use at the same time. It is called the TwoDaLoo, although some people have called it the Toodaloo or even the Twodalay or too da lay… but they are wrong. The proper name: TwoDaLoo. Now you know.

Oh, yeah, it also has two side by side toilet seats but…don’t worry! There is a modest privacy wall between them. Also, you can even get an upgraded verision which doesn’t necessarily have a whole privacy wall but does include a seven inch (7 inch) LCD television and IPD docking station, just in case people don’t feel like talking to each other while using toilets for their usual purposes or even their less usual purposes – and I don’t think I need to spell out what I mean by “usual purposes”. If I do, you need more than a simple Twodaloo. You might even need medical advice. Anyway, I digress. Back to the topic….

Why would anyone invent this? Will it be used at the China Olympic Games?

Beats me. It costs $1400 and the minimum order is supposed to be twelve (or 12 if you like to see that in numerical form) . … at the exact same time. It is also said to be able to bring couples closer together, not only literally but perhaps emotionally as well (I’m not placing bets on the emotional intimacy part). It is supposed to be able to save your marriage (or someone’s marriage) and also save the planet at the same time. I think that is a lot of responsibility for one toilet, even if it is a two-seater.

Now, about the China Olympics Games. At one point, hotly debated issue was the lack of conventional or flush toilets in China and possible solutions to that problem. Because the TwodaLoo actually helps to conserve water or aids in water conservation, according to the product description, it might make sense to have them available….if people would actually use them. Apparently, men do stand in relatively close proximity in men’s urinals but I’m female so I wouldn’t know about that.

However, I can say that I’d have to be insane or desperate to consider using one of these. If there is one room or space at home or away where I want privacy, it is the bathroom!

If this is not used at the China Olympic Games, where and when could this toilet it be used?

It might be considered as a possible advantage for parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and however many uplets people are having these days. I’ve lost count. Six? Seven? More? Since you have to buy at least twelve of these at a time, parents of multiples could split up the Twodaloos or toilets however they wanted and split the costs. Or the kids. Or both.

I wouldn’t subject my kids to the Twodaloo toilet- or grown kids either. The grown kids in our family are called adults – and some other names, depending on the situation. Some people call grown kids adult children but I’ve never warmed up to that term, although it is probably eerily accurate.

Speaking of adult children, I believe I’m writing this with the adult and child (waving…”Hi, Mom!”) part of my brain…at the same time! Two parts of my brain connected together, a bit like the Twodaloo…but with significant differences. For one thing, I’m sitting at a desk, typing on a keyboard instead of sitting on a two person toilet while staring at a 7 inch LCD television screen or listening to an IPOD. Adult children and two person toilets. I wouldn’t stretch the similarities between those two things too far. So I’ll stop.

If you go to an official China Olympic Games toilet, what are your chances of using this type of toilet?

I have no idea. But it is certainly a possibility. Of course, many things are possible. However, if people actually believed that people would go to the China Olympic Games and use squat toilets, then I suppose they believe that these can – and will – be used there too. And if they are, you heard of the possibility here first. Probably.

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