Never Catch a Freshwater Catfish in a Net

There are certain fish that you cannot catch with a net. My boyfriend and I experienced this first hand when we tried to catch his pictus catfish. His name was spot and he was a wonderful fish. He did live after the episode but it was very tramatizing for all of us.

We tried to catch him using a net and when we went to put him in the tank, he didn’t move. Both of the sides fins on the fish were wrapped around the net. We tried to pull the fins away from the net and nothing was working. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors. I cut the cut around the fins and the net fell off.

Most people think that you can catch all fish using a net. This is not true at all. I wish that they would place up flyers in the pet store to tell the people that they cannot catch certain fish with nets. They should make a list of the fish they cannot catch with a net. I cant imagine how many fish have been killed when the owners try to catch the fish with a net. The most common types of fish that you cannot catch are certain types of catfish. The two fins on the side will get stuck in the net.

One lady at the pet store tried to catch us a catfish. The fish was stuck in the net and she was trying to fling the fish out of the net, over and over again. I do not want to purchase a fish after you have practically killed the fish yourself. When you purchase a stressed out fish, it will more than likely get sick. I felt so bad for the fish I had to purchase it. She flung the fish onto the floor and it lived.

One of the major types of fish you cannot place in a net is the pictus catfish. It’s silver with black spots and it has long barbels in the front. These fish start out at about 2 inches but can reach up to 7 inches in length. If you are trying to catch a catfish you will want to make sure that the fish can be caught with a net. If you are at the pet store, ask them if the fish will get stuck in the net first.

Most of the time they will try to catch the fish anyways. This is how a lot of fish end up dead. When they are sitting on the counter stuck in a net with a person trying to pull the net away from the fins. If the fish doesn’t die right away, it will most likely get sick from being so stressed out. Imagine if your arms were stuck in a net and somebody was trying to rip your arms off to get you out of the net.

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