Women Home Improvement Enthusiasts Unite on FixieChix.com

If you’re looking to delve into some home repairs and home improvement this summer, don’t overlook your options for finding some fresh ideas on the internet. Besides the roundup of DIY books from the library or bookstore, a blog can provide some useful information, tutorials, and video clips of the latest projects. Browsing the internet for the latest, you’re likely to stumble across FixieChix.com a home-improvement seminar dedicated to empowering women witht eh tools and resources needed to fix up the house-and more.

FixieChick.com is owned by Brenna Hartman, a do-it-yourself guru who also leads dozens of seminars and workshops around the country. Calling on women to try their hand at a variety of home improvement projects, she calls them ‘do-it herselfers'(DIHers). The Fixie Chick blog is an easy read, listing a new idea and project each day with clear details on how to get the job done. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, or even a little motivation to get those home improvement projects in order, head over to FixieChix.com for a few helpful resources.

The Diary of a Fixie Chix is stocked with a handy photo gallery and a monthly article on the latest projects. It’s a fun read for all DIY enthusiasts, and you’ll find some great tips on current trends in the home improvement industry. The Links and Resources section of the site includes helpful resources to companies that provide materials and equipment, along with local contractors and links to businesses in the Rochester, NY area. You’ll find links to HomeRepairClinic.com, Habitat for Humanity, and The Property Source online here. is a fun read for all DIY enthusiasts.

Even though it’s a small section, the Do-It-Yourself section includes articles and ideas for basic home improvement processes. If you’ve always wondered how to install and select the right Granite, this is the place to start your research. Head to the Article Archive for a complete listing of specific projects. It’s here that you’ll find out why ‘An Insulated Crawl Space Saves Energy & Money’, and how to ‘Get the Look of Tin Ceiling Tiles.’

Finally, if you’re looking for daily tips and commentary on the latest projects, the Fixie Chick blog is hosted by ‘her’ magazine of Rochester. You’ll find the blog filled with plenty of valuable information with updated postings, pictures, and a step-by-step guide. Browse on through the previous posts for some new ideas, and take a look at the archives for even more insights. Home improvement just got easier!

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