Display the States and Countries Where You’ve Been

Traveling in America or abroad is fun and exciting. Many Americans, and foreigners, have plans to visit each and every state in the U.S. or every country on another continent. Some have already begun that quest. To keep track of the places you’ve seen, and to display them for all the world to see, check out some online web sites where you can make a print-out for your den or put the map on your blog.

One place that will help you do this easily is called World 66.com. It’s so easy to do, too. Simply check the states you’ve visited and the site will generate a map for you. Make a map of the states you’ve seen, countries you’ve visited, or a map of ones you plan on visiting in the future. For maps to plot future trips simply check the states or countries where you’ve never been and the site will generate that map for you.

After generating the map you are given a code so that you can put the map up at your blog or website. It’s an interesting way to see where you’ve been and where you’re going, but also to share with your family and friends. As you visit other places you can edit the map to show the new completed trip. It’s a really great place for those who travel overseas a lot, like those in the military, to share the experience a little with those back home.

One of the great things about this free service is that you can use it for all types of applications. If you collect foreign dolls, for example, you can make a map of those countries that you already have a doll from or a map of ones you still want. These are great to print out to give to family members who may be traveling without you this year.

You can also map out states and countries where you have friends or relatives. Print out maps to put in scrapbooks, to show from which country the pictures and memorabilia came. Print the maps out to place on your desk to help plot your next vacation. Map generators for places you’ve been are a neat idea that can help travelers keep up with many different aspects of traveling.

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