Disposing of Your Hazardous Household Products

On July 31,2006 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued the first permit-by-rule for the operation of a commercial Household Hazardous Waste facility in the State of Texas. The Williamson County Recycle Center is located in Georgetown TX at 495 Cr 156 which is located approximately 2.5 miles past Weir on Fm 971.

Right now consumers in a lot of places must wait for special days to be able to safely dispose of their household hazardous waste. These one day collections are costly ,require tremendous man hours,and often offer poor notification to the local taxpayer. Williamson County Recycle Center hopes to alleviate this problem for Williamson Count y and the surrounding areas. At this point if someone sold you a house and left all their poisons or unlabeled products behind you are left with a dilemma. Should you store these products in your garage until the next city wide hazardous household collection? If so are you posing a threat to your family and self? Should you just quietly dump these products somewhere and hope no one notices? It is really a vicious cycle and unfortunately one that many Americans all over the nation face every day. Having a facility that is open to the public every week instead of once a year keeps people from having to store hazardous household products in their garages. It also removes the temptation to just toss these products or even dump them at a local landfill. Our landfills are not only filling up but are being filled with many products that simply don’t break down for years. Most items that Williamson County Recycle Center takes are recycled or disposed of in the most responsible manner possible. They are working hard to set a precedence in hopes that other companies follow suit and deal with this ever growing problem in a similar fashion.

“The largest producers of hazardous waste are household consumers.” says Jerry Tidwell, CEO of PA-jer Company. “By just tossing your household hazardous waste in your regular trash pick up it creates a danger to the person picking up your trash, the equipment hauling the trash, and the landfill where it is deposited. The cleanup of that landfill will ultimately fall on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.”

PA-jer Company is an Environmental Management Company who has years of knowledge and experience working with hazardous waste and is the parent company of The Williamson County Recycle Center.

It is our responsibility to be stewards of the earth in what ever ways we can. This is just one more way we can help preserve our world and maybe make it last a little longer. I believe a lot of people don’t even know what products are actually hazardous. I guess you could say ignorance is bliss. We need to work on making people not only aware but also make these disposals convenient and easy for the consumer.

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