Moving from a Big House to an Apartment

People move from big houses to apartments for various reasons. Some want to lower living expenses, while others want maintenance-free living and the other luxury benefits that come with apartment rental. Whatever the reasons people have for moving from a big house to an apartment, the transition isn’t always easy. It’s usually necessary to downsize, and apartment life is incredibly different from owning your own home.


One of the biggest challenges when moving from a big house to an apartment is dealing with household items and personal belongings. A big house can hold a lot more than an average two or three bedroom apartment, and over the years, most people end up accumulating more than they realize they actually have. This is where the problems begin, and those who are moving from a big house to an apartment sometimes find themselves not knowing what to do with a house full of items that won’t fit in the apartment.

The first step is to get rid of furniture and items you no longer need, want, or have room for. My theory is, if you haven’t used it in the past couple of years, you probably never will. Before it comes time to move, have a yard sale, or donate unwanted items to your local veterans associated or an organization such as Goodwill. There’s no sense in moving items you’re never going to use anyway.

If you don’t plan on living in the apartment on a long-term basis, you might want to store belongings you temporarily don’t have room for in a rented storage unit. Call local storage facilities to price various sizes, and store extra furniture, yard tools, and other items you don’t have room for at the apartment. If you only plan on living in the apartment for a year or two it might be worth the monthly storage rental fee.

Next Door Neighbors

Most people have next door neighbors, and at the very least, most can see neighbors from their property. Even if you’re use to having neighbors several feet away, sharing a wall with someone else gives a whole new meaning to the phrase next door neighbor. It may take time to become accustomed to hearing people knocking on neighbor’s doors as well as the ordinary sounds of people living very close by.

My family and I recently moved from a big house into a townhouse apartment, and we’re lucky to be on a secluded corner. The only connected neighbor is on one side. Our apartment has a second story, and it’s all ours, so we’re not bothered by people above or below us. It’s sometimes difficult to tell if someone is at our door. When people are knocking on the door adjacent to ours, it sounds like someone is at our door. Even our dog can’t tell the difference! Eventually we’ll learn a real knock from a knock next door, but we were use to living in a big house, and even though our apartment is large, it will no-doubt take time to adjust to moving and living in an apartment home.

Consider the Benefits

Some people find themselves depressed after moving from a big house to an apartment, but I love the change. I have a much smaller home to clean, and I no longer have to worry about yard or sidewalk maintenance. Moving from a big house to an apartment sometimes has benefits, depending on where you’re living, and my new home also offers a beautiful in-ground swimming pool, a playground for the kids, a stocked fishing lake, lighted tennis courts, saunas, and beautifully landscaped grounds. Moving from a big house to an apartment has been challenging due to the vast amount of items my family and I accumulated over the years, but it was a smart move, and it’s one I certainly don’t regret.

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