Divorce Laws and Courts – Nightmare for Non-custodial Parents

The way divorce and child custody problems are being dealt with by the NH courts is almost unbelievably unfair, and expensive, and unhealthy for the children in such divorces. I think that if the general public knew what an incredible nightmare this area of the law is in our state – well, I cannot believe this would be tolerated.

I can tell you that, in divorce proceedings, one parent can often expect to be given a highly disproportional amount of custodial time and decision-making for the children. And I can tell you that these children are then being used as pawns in a system that allows custodial time to be traded for a better financial settlement. And I can tell you that decisions on child welfare are being made by attorneys who have virtually no training in child development or child and family therapy.

These are just some examples. Rather than go into all the issues here, I am just hoping that people in the media and the political world will begin to take on this situation. We need to see more investigative news reports on this! We need political leaders and legal leaders to step up and deal with this!

Divorce with children involved can be terribly hard on everyone involved. And the children are so easily harmed if the system does not work well. We know that this system is not working! Please help.

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