Do Wishes Count If They’re Made on Neon Stars

Do wishes count if they’re made on neon stars?

I have these stars on my ceiling
And at night they glow in the dark
Every night when I go to sleep
I stare up at their greenish light
So many thoughts go through my mind
As I blankly stare
One of them is where you are
And why you are not here
Your name I wouldn’t know
Your voice I’ve never heard
But that doesn’t stop my longing
At times I need your touch
Even a simple hug
The look I know you’d give me
Would make me feel at home
Your eyes would give me peace
Your touch would dive me ease
Your kiss would show me love
As I wait for you to join me
A part of me feels dead
Like there is something missing
From my soul
A pondering in my head
It’s hard when you don’t have someone
To share your joy or pain
But I know you’ll get here when you can
And I know you’re worth the wait.

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