The baby was down for her afternoon nap. Her husband was away at school. She stepped outside on her little porch of the little trailer she called home. She looked up to the sky and saw the most amazing sight. The clouds in all their beautiful splendor looked as if they were the doorway to heaven. He’s going to die today, she thought. Chills ran down her spine as she recalled just days before that her grandmother, affectionately referred to as Nannie, claimed that she heard a knocking at the door. She said she went to see who it was, and yet when she looked out, no one was there. Her Nannie had told her she truly believed it was angels coming in to look after Papa, that the end was near.

As she recalled the words of her Nannie, her baby began to cry. Once again, she resumed her daily duties as mother and thought no more of the experience she just had. She let it go.

Later on that evening, her Aunt decided to stop by for a visit before going over to sit with Papa. The baby was content, playing on the floor as they chatted about this and that, just catching up. Suddenly, the front door flew open. Her cousin, in a calm and somewhat detached manner said, “He’s dead. He’s gone.” Time stood still. Her heart in her throat, she grabbed the baby and flew out the door. Running, lungs burning, across the way to her grandparents house.

Once inside, she saw her Nannie, doubled over with grief, screaming, “Oh God! Oh God! He’s dead! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! Please God, don’t let him leave me!”.

She sat the baby down, walked over to her Nannie and held her in her arms as they both cried, both sobbing with grief and heartache. It seemed like an eternity before she was able to let her go.

She slowly walked into the bedroom, and there was her beloved Papa. Lifeless. Still. A calmness and sense of peace penetrated the room. As the tears slowly fell down her cheeks, she realized without a doubt that this was not the end. His body lay there, but he was gone. His spirit was elsewhere, moving on, moving forward to the Father he so faithfully worshipped.

The angels had indeed come to take him home. The sky had opened up in preparation for his homecoming. He was finally free. Free from the pain of his earthly body, and free to soar with the angels as he watches over his loved ones and family as he patiently awaits for them to come “home”.

This was the day, without a doubt, she began to believe in things unseen.

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