Do You Know How to Eat an Apple?

“What? I’ve been eating apples wrong all this time?”

Did you know that there is a right way to eat an apple? I sure didn’t. So you can imagine my shock when I learned I’ve been eating apples wrong for the past 53 years. It seems like that should be something we all learn in kindergarten – “Apple Eating 101”. Maybe they did tell us in kindergarten and I just happened to miss that day of school. I was known to fake a tummy ache back in those days.

Should anyone be allowed to graduate from high school without knowing how to eat an apple? Sure doesn’t seem like they should. But, I bet we all got “passed along” the educational system without learning the basics of how to eat an apple. Think about it. There are very smart people at Ivy League schools who don’t know how to eat an apple. Most of our government leaders do not know how to eat an apple, and yet we allow them to make decisions for us. Well, I say no more!

I did miss a quite a few days of class during medical school. Sitting in auditorium chairs for eight hours a day wasn’t for me – it’s not good for the back especially one that’s been cut on. The mind can absorb only what the seat can endure, and my seat could not endure too much sitting. Maybe they taught us there about how to eat an apple – but I think I would have heard about it as we did have a note taking service and I don’t remember reading anything in those notes about eating apples.

We were taught a lot in medical school, but I don’t think we were ever taught something as practical as how to eat an apple. Half of what we were taught became outdated in 10 years anyway. That’s how impractical some of the stuff is that we were taught. But, knowing how to eat an apple seems to be a timeless piece of information that it should have been reviewed, but it wasn’t.

It’s interesting that many times the fundamentals are overlooked and that is particularly true in medical school and residency training where there is little emphasis on the fundamentals of health – exercise and nutrition – including the proper way to eat an apple. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe that’s why we didn’t learn about the proper way to eat an apple in medical school – doing so would only limit the need for doctors – and we can’t let that happen, can we?

You can eat the entire apple – core included – if you know how to eat an apple. And, in the process get more nutrition.

The Financial Impact of Eating Apples Improperly

Eating apples improperly is costing the Americans $13.2 billion annually. Wow! All because no one taught us in kindergarten how to eat an apple. We throw away about one-third of the apple because we don’t know how to eat it. A lot of good nutrition is being thrown away by not eating the entire apple.

How to Eat an Apple

Well, it turns out that the proper way to eat an apple is vertically, not horizontally like most if not all of us do. Eat it vertically going right up the core rather than into the core as you do horizontally. Here’s how to eat an apple. See this video. Look at the photo at the top of this article. That’s the wrong way to eat an apple. You need to rotate it 90 degrees and eat it going up the core.

In grade school I won a watermelon eating contest at the local carnival. I probably was eating that wrong, too. I just ate the watermelon wrong faster than everybody else. Apples? Watermelons? Makes you wonder what else we are doing wrong, doesn’t it?

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