Do You Know New Sony FE Series, VGNFE550G Notebook?

It is one of the very fist dual-processor notebooks come to market in States and I suppose, I was the one of the first few lucky people to be able to have this super-fast dual processor Sony FE Series, VGN-FE550G.

I called my new Sony notebook as “world-explorer” as it is going to travel and explore all around the world during my travels. The VGNFE550G combines cutting-edge performance with while still maintaining its slim, portable and stylish design.

The fast processor and its stunning 15.4 wide-screen display with XBRITE Hi-Color technology is the greatest for me for my viewing experience. With its big screen, I can watch movies with extraordinary color purity and saturation, even in the bright light of day. Its battery life is also suberb. On my recent flight to Atlanta, I watch a movie without needing a personal DVD-player and I was delightful to have my new hi-tech friend “world-explorer” with me during my travels, I did not have any time to be bored.

I can also access and enjoy your digital entertainment. With my new “world-explorer” , Sony VGNFE550G, I can easily manage and enjoy multimedia entertainment and use communication features and power through demanding computing applications.

I have been told and now certainly believe that The VAIO VGNFE550G notebook features an Intel Core Duo processor for outstanding multi-task performance.

The VAIO FE also includes S-Video, enabling convenient connectivity to TVs, cameras, projectors and more. This means you can connect it to the TV and show your friends your pictures stored on the notebook on a bigger television screen. Also its integrated 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN makes it possible for you to easily connect to a braod range of networks both inside and outside the office.

Other thing I like about my new Sony VGNFE550G is its integrated camera and microphone. This enables meto chat and video mail with my family and friends. I can also edit and burn customized DVDs using DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+-RW drive and click to DVD software.

It is also worth mentioning, superb Sony Call center support. Their knowledge and instructions is even helping me to solve many problems that I face even though I am a computer expert. Being a computer engineer makes me understand and confirm that Sony support centre really knows about computers. This is why, I am a Sony lover.

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