Do You Live in a House of Filth? Expert’s Advice on How to Clean Your House

Kim and Aggie travel all over Britain cleaning some of the filthiest homes one has ever seen. These houses are in desperate need of some help ,and that is just what Aggie and Kim will offer. How Clean is Your House is a half hour show that airs Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. Each episode features a new house of horrors.

They start off the show with a tour through the house room by room. They find layers of dust and grime on all the furniture and knick knacks. Some of the homes are infested with Beasties as Kim calls them. Beasties are insects that have taken up residency in the filth. Some of the beasties have included flies, spiders, moths, slugs, roaches, and gnats. The houses have also been found to be occupied by rodents. Sometimes these rodents are alive. Other times they have died and are hidden under debris. How Clean is Your House shows the tenants of the dirty house where the infestations are, and what can be done to rid them.

On one episode of How Clean is Your House featured a woman who lived with 11 free flying birds. Her humble abode was covered in bird droppings. Every inch of the house made you well aware a bird had been there. The furniture had layers of bird droppings and feathers galore. If the birds were not a big enough problem the woman had not cleaned her house in years. She said it had gotten so bad she just gave up. She forgot to take out the garbage and had started to use the kitchen sink for a trash can. Garbage was strung all over the house. Along with the garbage was tons of dirty dishes. The food left on the plates had molded and smelled terrible.

The crew at How Clean is Your House spent the next 24 hours cleaning and disinfecting the house of bird poo into a warm, inviting space. Kim and Aggie gave the woman handy hints on everyday household items that can be used to clean with. Tips to make cleaning on a regular basis easy and quick. That is a reason enough to watch How Clean is Your House. Everyone can use time saving tips in the busy world we live in.

Kim and Aggie of How Clean is Your House don’t beat around the bush.They are brutally honest about the filth they find in the home.Some of the comments they make are very humorous. The home owner might not think so,but it is the total truth. They help people of all types.How Clean is Your House has helped college students get their Frat houses back in tip top shape. They have helped middle aged women who are so tired from working they give up the housework for good. No matter how messy the house is before the How Clean is Your House cleaning crew arrives they make sure the home is spotless.

Some of the great cleaning tips offered by How Clean is Your House will save you time and money. Everything can be found around the house that you need to get a sparkling clean house.
Tip 1. Use a old pair of socks to dust.They can then be tossed in the garbage.Put an old sock over the end of a broom or mop handle and use it to remove the dust webs from the corners of the ceilings.
Tip 2. Use newspaper to clean your windows or shine a piece of brass.
Tip 3. Use ketchup,Worcestershire Sauce,or Vinegar to clean brass. Make sure to rinse in warm water afterward.
Tip 4. To keep the refrigerator smelling fresh use a bowl with a lemon that you have removed the insides from. Then fill the lemon skin full of salt.
Tip 5. To keep your kitchen sink drains clean and rid of odors use baking soda, salt and vinegar. It will make a foam that cleans the inside of the drain and pipes.
Tip 6. To keep soap from sticking all over the soap holder rub some baby oil over the soap dish.
Tip 7. To remove rust from the bottom of a pan cut a potato in half and use some dish washing liquid. Rub the potato int eh liquid and then on the bottom of the pan.
Tip 8. If you find you have a fly problem get some double sided tape and apply a layer of honey to one side. You will catch the flies within a matter of minutes.
Tip 9. If you find gum or stickers stuck on the wall use some spray lubricant and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
Tip 10. Use a little bleach in your water to remove Mold and mildew stains.

How Clean is Your House will remind you how important it is to clean your home on a regular basis. After watching the show I can almost guarantee you will have a sudden urge to start Spring cleaning. You can catch Kim and Aggie on the BBC channel Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. Check your local television guide for the exact time in your area.

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