Donald Rumsfailed’s Latest Inane Ramblings Prove He Not Only Should Be Impeached but Committed…and Maybe Even Executed

Okay, Donald Rumsfailed long ago officially crossed the line from needing to be impeached to needing to be tried in a criminal court of law. Now he has crossed that line to needing to be committed, straightjacketed and tied down to his bed. I fully expect that by election day he will make it all the way to needing to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

According to the man whose military genius has turned an invasion against a country with not only no weapons of mass destruction, but barely even an opposing army into a quagmire that is actually taking longer to win than World War II, if you dare make a statement like I just made there, you are no different from a Nazi appeaser in the 1930s. You see, I and people like me who dare question why the United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars invading a country that had nothing to with 9/11 and had not one single weapon of mass destruction are, in the words of Donald Rumsfailed, morally and intellectually confused.

I must admit he’s right. I’m confused as to why 2600 Americans have died in another country instead of catching the one man most responsible for 9/11. I’m confused why tens and tens of thousands of Americans are still in Iraq while Osama Bin Laden is just next door in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. I’m confused as to why Donald Rumsfailed chooses to use 100,000 American soldiers as policemen to stop Muslims from fighting each other in Iraq instead of being used to find one single individual named Osama Bin Laden. I’m confused why with all the manpower and high tech security at his disposal, Donald Rumsfailed is still thoroughly incapable of finding ONE FUCKING MAN!

But mostly I’m confused as to how Donald Rumsfailed can walk past American soldiers without being shot in the back.

Well, maybe I’m not so confused about that. After all, I’m not a soldier. But now I have a reason to consider enlistment.

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