Donations to Charity are Great Gifts That Keep on Giving

Do you always feel a little guilty buying gifts at Christmas knowing there are victims of war and natural disasters that need your help? Tsunami victims in Thailand, hurricane victims in Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi need your help this Christmas season. There are always children dying of hunger, cancer, leukemia, and AIDs all around the world on a daily basis. But, there are ways you can support charity and buy gifts for your family and friends. Before you throw out your Christmas gift list, due to feelings of guilt and shame take a look at some of the following gift ideas that allow you to indulge while raising money for charity organizations at the same time.

Worthy organizations like the North Shore Animal League, Kitchen Aid, Donna Karan, and Ergo Shops are offering gifts that donate a percentage of the sale to charities like UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and Save the Children. From cashmere sweaters to key chains, perfume, stuffed animals, bath products, and art there are a variety of gifts you can give your loved ones, or yourself this Christmas while donating money for a good cause.

Ergo Online Shops –
Choose from a variety of gifts like doggie key chains and poodle pattern bathrobes. Ergo Shops Online offers great gifts for the pet lover in your family. Ergo Shops, donates a percentage of sales to the North Shore Animal League in Port Jefferson, NY. The North Shore Animal League has taken in hundreds of surviving pets from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Monetary donations go toward pet food, medicine, bedding, and other supplies. Up to $69 of any purchase made at the web site will go directly to the North Shore Animal League.

Kitchen Aid
Buy a pink counter top appliance from Kitchen Aid and $25 will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund. This fund addresses community outreach programs focusing on Cancer as well as research, and education. Kitchen Aid is calling the drive “cook for the cure” and has raised 3 million so far. Choose from blenders, food processors, or mixers.

Donna Karan
Donna Karan is donating $2 from every sale of her new perfume “Be Delicious” benefiting UNICEF. UNICEF donates time and money to children’s HIV/AIDs education, immunizations, early childhood learning, and girl’s education. The 3.4 ounce bottle can be purchased at department stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penny’s for about $62. “Be Delicious” is an apple shaped bottle with a silver top, engraved with the words “message of hope”.

The Red Cross –
The Red Cross has been one of the most important organizations of the entire world community over a century. The Red Cross provides food, clothing, and shelter for victims of natural disasters and war. They also certify nurses, lifeguards, and safety instructors in many areas. The Red Cross is offering the “Hope and Future” Ceramic bowl and tray for sale. Each tray costs $100 and $56.24 goes toward hurricane relief. Each tray costs $50 and $12.64 also goes toward hurricane relief. The donations are given from the Red Cross to the Salvation Army, a major force in the reconstruction of the hurricane damaged areas.

Paul Newman’s Own
Paul Newman’s Own offers a natural/organic line of cookies, spaghetti sauces, juices, popcorn, and chocolates. If you purchase Paul Newman’s Own brand all of the profits go towards Paul Newman’s Acting Camp for Children. Disadvantaged and lower income children can often attend this camp free of charge or on a scholarship from profits made by Paul Newman’s Own. You can find this brand at almost any local store or convenience shop. Ben and Jerry’s is also another food brand that has donated millions to philanthropy.

Ten Thousand Villages. Com
The original idea for this website was started in 1946. The company Ten Thousand Villages formed a marketplace that supported artisans like jewelry makers, seamstresses, and sculptors with fair trade. Today you can still buy handicrafts from Ten Thousand Villages online. The profits benefit the Undugu Society of Kenya’s Work, and support the urban and street poor children. The Undugu Society of Kenya’s Work provides health care, food and shelter, and education for the poor children who have been orphaned by AIDs.

Presents for Purpose. Com
This website was created by two cancer survivors who support fundraising and advocacy work for cancer research. 25% of profits go to charity, HIV/AIDs education, and infant health. You can choose from gifts like T-shirts, jewelry, bar utensils, photo cubes, and sports clip on watches. There are gifts here for everyone on your list.

Save the Children
Save the Children is an organization that aims to feed, educate, clothe, and maintain the health of America’s poor and disadvantaged children. This Christmas, Save the Children is trying to raise money for HIV/AIDs programming. For $35 you can purchase silk ties with words of hope printed across them and a percentage of every sale goes toward the programming.

North Shore Animal League
North Shore Animal League in Port Jefferson, New York is also selling snow globes with puppies and dogs inside. The globe is 6 and Ã?½ inches tall, and plays the music “I’ll Always Love You”. All proceeds benefit the shelter to help feed and care for hundreds of lost hurricane pets.

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