Today’s Snood is More Than a Hairnet

What is a snood you’re probably wondering? Well, it’s basically a hairnet, they used to resemble something more similar to what you would see school cafeteria ladies wearing. They became more fashionable in the 40’s as women who worked in factories began wearing them to keep their hair from getting caught in machines. They were big in the 60’s too-worn while riding in a convertible, out in the sun, swimming, or to clean the house. Overtime the snood has evolved; today’s snood is more like an African headscarf that takes out the guesswork. Instead of dealing with yards of fabric that must be twisted, knotted, pulled, and tucked just so, today’s snood is ready-to-wear.

What Does It Look Like?

So what exactly does it look like? The modern snood looks like a little cap, without or without a slight brim, it has a bit of elastic and a tie at the nape of the neck. In the 60’s, they were made with a mold of sorts (like a shoulder pad) inside the cap to keep it from flattening too much against the head.

How Do You Wear It?

Just put your hair in a ponytail or bun, or leave it loose and simply tuck it up into the cap, then tie it at the nape, and voila-a chic look in minutes.

Where and When Should It Be Worn?

These are fabulous beach or poolside and compliment ethnic fashions perfectly.

They can also be worn with sophisticated looks-picture a fitted, just below knee-length sheath dress with a pencil cut skirt bottom; pumps; your snood; and moderately large earrings. Pretty chic huh? I bet you can see yourself with the long gold cigarette holder ala Audrey Hepburn to complete the look.

If you wear a headscarf to bed, a snood is a quick and fashionable alternative, but since they are hard to find nowadays you might have to settle for a near miss. Try the Christina Magic Satin Wrapping Scarf. It’s not ready to wear, you have to learn to tie it, and the fabric is a little narrow for my taste, but it has a built in de-frizzing conditioner that smoothes hair. You can find the Christina scarf at Sally Beauty Supply stores.

Where Is The Snood Today?

Snoods are pretty hard to find in stores, occasionally you might luck out and see one, but it’s rare. Designers throw them into haute couture collections every so often, as Christian Lacroix did for the 1994 Spring shows, because they lend an air of class and history. This is a look that I hope makes a real comeback because it is practical and fashionable and with today’s retro trends, it would be the perfect accessory.

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