Chinese Face Reading: The Lip Crease Above the Lips

The lip crease, for the lack of a better term, is that area between your nose and lips, surrounded by two lines. The inconspicuous two lines are actually considered to be life span indicators in Chinese face reading. The term of the area, as it is used in Chinese face reading, is called the ‘Person’s Center’. If it is in a good shape, then a person can live past 51 years of age. If not, then a person should be more careful in taking care of him or herself. The lip creases can also hint at the ability to conceive. It makes sense in that your health can be a dominate factor in fertility.

Narrow to Wide
The ideal lip crease is one that starts out narrow at the bottom of the nose, but opens wider at the bottom. This type of lip crease indicates that the people who have them have the facial structure to live past 51 and they have a strong relationship with their children.

Wide to Narrow
This type of lip crease starts out wide at the nose and narrows down at the lips. This type of lip crease increases the possibility that a person has difficulty conceiving or that the children will face a life-threatening incident. However, if the significant other of this person has the ideal lip crease, that should mitigate the problem.

Deep and Long
If the lip crease appears long and deep between the nose and the lips, then this person is more likely to have many children and live to a great old age. If they don’t practice birth control, it’s likely they would have 5 to 8 children, with more boys than girls.

Faint and Short
If the lip crease were barely visible and short, then the person would have more difficulty conceiving. This is due in part because a short and faint lip crease also indicates they are less healthy than other people. They should pay more attention to their health and take measures to remain healthy in order to conceive.

A mole in the lip crease could have different meanings. If the mole is near the top, they will have more sons, near the bottom, more girls. However, if the mole is at the center, they will easily find a significant other, but it will be harder to conceive and raise their children.

Split Mustache
This is a case in which a man’s mustache grows perfectly on the top lip but doesn’t grow at all in between the lip creases. This indicates that no matter how much this person helps out others, people will not be thankful. The people they help will think it should have been done anyway, and the person doesn’t deserve recognition for helping out.

Knowing what to look for creates an even higher incentive to pay attention to facial features. What does your lip crease say about you and the people around you?

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