Don’t Badger Your Barista

As someone who works in the customer service field I am well aware of the ups and downs that cause a persons day to go from moderatley bearable to downright irritating. Let me open a window into what a day is like for your local barista, you must help hundreds of people who a) have no idea what they are talking about or b) are late for work and irritated because there is a line and it isnt going fast enought for them. And that’s only by 7am. First off if you spend fifteen to twenty minutes in line starring at the menu, you should know what you want by the time you get to the register and the employee asks you what you want. Second, it is not our fault that there is a line if you didnt think there was going to be a line at 7am when you’re running late for work and other people aren’t , then you shouldnt have come in in the first place. We can’t make the people in front of you go faster so deal with it or leave. Starbucks is a fortune 100 company they can do without the $2-$5 for your drink. It is also not our fault that you forgot to say that you didn’t want whip cream on your mocha so when i put it on there please do not yell me at act like i know nothing. I can’t read your mind no matter how much i would love to be able to do that to save myself the “you’re stupid look” from the absent minded customer who forgot to say no whip cream. I would also like people to realize that there is a difference between, cappucinos, frappuccinos, and iced coffee. And it would make my job alot less stressful and you less irritating if you would learn those differences. so when i ask you whether you want iced offee or a coffee frappuccino you can tell me what you want instead of telling me one thing, me making it, and then it not being what you wanted. Steaming milk, blending drinks and grinding coffee gets really LOUD, so please if i ask you again what it is you wanted don’t get irriated because it means you’re not speaking loud enough for me to hear you, realize that and move on. I have many more grievances about my job and the customers I see daily, but for now i would just like to say that most of the people who walk into my store are in customer service and understand what its like. Yet they still treat us like shit and we know nothing, so please understand that unless you work for starbucks we know what we’re doing and most of the time you don’t. Do not ruin my day because you feel like being an asshole because you haven’t had your caffiene fix for the day.

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