Doom 3 for PC : Cheat Codes and Tips

Mars is overrun again with hellspawns and creatures of… well, Doom. To increase playability or help out on that difficult level there are some cheat codes for Doom 3 for PC. Cheat codes are entered via pressing Cntrl + Alt + ~ (tilde) and entering its code.

Doom 3 for PC Cheat Codes

Cheat: God
Effect: God mode

Cheat: Give all
Effect: Get all weapons with full ammo, full health, all armor

Cheat: doomhell
Effect: skip all levels and go to last one

Cheat: notarget
Effect: invisibility to most targets

Cheat: kill
Effect: commit suicide

Cheat: killmonsters
Effect: kills all monsters

Cheat: give ammo
Effect: get maximum ammo

Cheat: give health
Effect: get maximum health

Cheat: give armor
Effect: gives you 125 armor

Cheat: give berserk
Effect: berserk mode

Cheat: killmoveables
Effect: kill moving enemies

Cheat: killragdolls
Effect: kill nonmoving enemies

Cheat: give weapon_chaingun
Effect: gets you a chaingun

Cheat: give weapon_rocketlauncher
Effect: gets you a rocket launcher

Cheat: give weapon_bfg
Effect: gets you a BFG

Cheat: give weapon_chainsaw
Effect: gets you a chainsaw

Cheat: give weapon_plasmagun
Effect: gets you a plasma gun

Cheat: give weapon_shotgun
Effect: gets you a shotgun

Cheat: give weapon_machinegun
Effect: gets you a machine gun

Cheat: spawn weapon_pistol
Effect: spawns a rocket pistol

Cheat: spawn weapon_bfg
Effect: spawns a BFG 9000

Cheat: spawn weapon_shotgun
Effect: spawns a shotgun

Cheat: spawn weapon_chaingun
Effect: spawns a chaingun

Cheat: spawn weapon_machinegun
Effect: spawns a machine gun

Cheat: spawn weapon_rocketlauncher
Effect: spawns a rocket launcher

Cheat: spawn weapon_plasmagun
Effect: spawns a plasma gun

Cheat: spawn weapon_soulcube
Effect: spawns a soul cube

Level Select for Doom 3 for PC
Cheat codes are entered via pressing Cntrl + Alt + ~ (tilde) and entering its code.

Code: map game/mp/d3dm1
Level: Multiplayer Map 1

Code: map game/mp/d3dm2
Level: Multiplayer Map 2

Code: map game/mp/d3dm3
Level: Multiplayer Map 3

Code: map game/mp/d3dm4
Level: Multiplayer Map 4

Code: map game/mp/d3dm5
Level: Multiplayer Map 5

Code: map game/site3
Level: Site 3

Code: map game/recycling1
Level: Recycling 1

Code: map game/recycling2
Level: Recycling 2

Code: map game/pdas
Level: PDAs

Code: map game/monorail
Level: Monorail

Code: map game/mc_underground
Level: MC Underground

Code: map game/alphalabs1
Level: Alpha Labs 1

Code: map game/alphalabs2
Level: Alpha Labs 2

Code: map game/alphalabs3
Level: Alpha Labs 3

Code: map game/alphalabs4
Level: Alpha Labs 4

Code: map game/admin
Level: Mars City Administration

Code: map game/caverns1
Level: Caverns 1

Code: map game/caverns2
Level: Caverns 2

Code: map game/comm1
Level: Comm 1

Code: map game/commoutside
Level: Comm Outside

Code: map game/mars_city1
Level: Mars City 1

Code: map game/mars_city2
Level: Mars City 2

Code: map game/hellhole
Level: Hellhole

Code: map game/hell1
Level: Hell 1

Code: map game/enpro
Level: Enpro

Code: map game/delta1
Level: Delta 1

Code: map game/delta2
Level: Delta 2

Code: map game/delta3
Level: Delta 3

Code: map game/delta4
Level: Delta 4

Code: map game/delta5
Level: Delta 5

Code: map game/cpuboss
Level: CPU Boss

Code: map game/cpu
Level: CPU

Doom 3 for PC Tips

Super Turkey Puncher 3
When the game begins go and find the kitchen before “hell breaks free” and in the corner there will be a video game. Play this and get a score of 25,000 or better to get email on your PDA.

Nightmare without beating game
Go in and find the DoomConfig.cfg file in the /Data/BASE folder. Back up the file in case of an error, then go in and edit it in Notepad. In the “g_nightmare” entry, you will see the number 0 if you haven’t beaten the game. Change that number to 1 and save. Nightmare mode should be unlocked now.

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