Would you risk it all for a dream?
Seeing all that I’ve done, feel what I’ve seen.
Sometimes things go far beyond our reach.

Deep down it’s too good to be a dream
And it tastes like forever
When I feel your lips
Somethings says to stay
Whilst you’re grabbing my hips
But in my mind
I know what to do
I know that it’s a lie
Too good to be true

And it feels like the right thing
As we’re doing it wrong
Like our lives are being lived in a runaway song
And I want you forever
I have you today
When it’s all said and done
I just want you to stay

So dream
Me to be
All that I can
All that you see
Run to the end of it all
Because one thing’s for sure, for you, I did fall

When the waves hit my heart
I know that I should run
But you make it so hard
When your kiss is like a gun
When I go for goodbye
It’s the trigger that I pull
I know that it’s so wrong
I know that I am no fool

Swing yourself my way
I’m drifting so near
You know you must stay
And it feels like forever
When it’s only today
So could you live in a dream?
A dream where you’d stay?

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