Dry Cleaning Options in Syracuse, New York

Dry Cleaners are an important business in today’s society. Many individuals own numerous pieces of clothing that need to be professional cleaned. Since most clothing garments that are recommend for dry cleaning do not come cheap, many individuals take their items directly to dry cleaners. This is because many do not want to take the chance of permanently ruining a potential expensive piece of clothing. Finding the perfect dry cleaner may take some time. Different individuals working or running a dry cleaning business may have different levels of experience. Finding the best dry cleaner may just take trail and error. If you live in or around the Syracuse, New York area, consider checking out the services of one of these area dry cleaners.

(1) Genesee Dry Cleaners and Laundry is located at 212 Cherry Street in Syracuse.

Genesee Dry Cleaners specializes in laundering and repairing just about all forms of clothing. They can properly wash, alter, or repair damaged delicate clothing. At Genesee Dry Cleaners you have many different options and services to choose from. For example, you can pick up your order once it is ready or even possibly have it delivered directly to you.

To contact the staff at Genesee Dry Cleaners and Laundry, call their location at (315) 472-3021.

(2) Harris Cleaners of Westvale is located at 2203 West Genesee Street in Syracuse. According to their website they have been servicing the Syracuse area since the late 1950’s.

Harris Cleaners of Westvale is a dry cleaning business with an onsite laundromat. Their full service laundry mat is open from six in the morning until ten at night, seven days a week. Their laundry care services, include a wash, dry, and fold service that is available with limited hours. You can have this service, along with other standard dry cleaning features, done Mondays through Fridays from nine until six and Saturdays from nine until three.

For more information on the services available at Harris Cleaners of Westvale, contact them at (315) 468-6291. You may also view their online website, which can be found at http://ny.local.yahoo.biz/harriscleanersofwestvale/.

(3) Pat’s Safeway Dry Cleaning is located at 302 Gifford Street in Syracuse.

Pat’s Safeway Dry Cleaning operates as a professional dry cleaning business. They are qualified to professional clean, repair, and alter clothing. Just about any type of items or materials can be fixed here if damaged.

To determine their hours of operation or learn more about Pat’s Safeway Dry Cleaning, call their staff at (315) 475-8952.

(4) Executive Clothing Service is located at 60 Presidential Plaza in Suite 200B.

Executive Clothing Service is a professional dry cleaning and clothing care business what will work hard to ensure your items are properly cared for, cleaned, or repaired when needed.

The Executive Clothing Service specializes in performing alterations and tailoring clothing. They will also try and repair any clothing garments that may have been damaged. Executive Clothing Service will handle just about any type of clothing garments. They are equipped to handle tuxedos, other wedding attire, dress clothing, custom made clothing, and other additional items.

To speak with the staff at Executive Clothing Service call their Syracuse location at (315) 472-9753.

In addition to the above mentioned dry cleaners, there are additional services and businesses in the Syracuse area. Finding a good dry cleaner is like finding a hairstylist. It is often recommended that if you find one you are satisfied with that you continue using their services.

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