Durabrand’s Dual Action Power Vacuum and Blower Works Well

Dual action power vacuum by Durabrand is a very small vacuum – only about two feet long and maybe a food high. It is very lightweight as well. I could not believe how light. It is a durable red color with black attachments.

This great little vacuum comes with fifteen pieces. The pieces are three extension wands, brush tool, crevice tool, suck adaptor, brush, flexible hose, small inflator adaptor, medium inflator adaptor, large inflator adaptor, computer brush, and hose handle. The company throws in a nice bag to hold all these tools. I think this vacuum has more pieces to it than any I have ever seen. This can be made to vacuum floors or small enough to vacuum small areas as well. It has an 800 watt motor to give it a lot of power for a small vacuum. The dual action of this vacuum allows it to vacuum your floor or you can reverse it to blow up your beach balls.

I personally like this vacuum for small jobs in my kitchen. The hose handle has a little curve to it and makes it great to vacuum around the stuff lined on the counter top. It is also small enough to get into that small gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet. It comes with a shoulder strap as well. I just attach the strap and off I go. I can add on the extension wands and do the floor if I want without bending over or just put the brush on it and clean your computer key board.

Durabrand made this vacuum with a compartment that holds the dust and dirt. You can see when you need to empty it. There is a button on the bottom to release the door to the trap. There is not bag to change. There is however, a filter on this machine. The vacuum has two filters in it. These filters can be taken out and cleaned. You do need to make sure that they are completely dry before you put them back into your machine. It is very easy to clean these filters by rinsing them out with water.

I found this great vacuum in Wal-Mart. It seems to be a brand that they carry often now. I paid $21.99 for it and it was worth every penny. If you keep your eyes open you may get lucky and get it on sale, but either way, it is a good deal.

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