Common Wood Floor Damage and How to Repair

Wood floors are absolutely breathtaking. They make a house feel like a home. The deep browns help to warm up the look in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and any other room in a house. Unfortunately, wood floors are not cheap. The cost of beauty is steep. This means you want to properly care for your wood floors and make the necessary repairs should any damage occur. Knowing how to fix common wood floor problems yourself will save you money in contractor fees.

There are a couple of different types of scratches your wood floors could undertake. Minor scratches are fairly common and extremely easy to fix. Just conceal the area with a similar color crayon. However, if the scratches are much larger and appear to be gouges, more work will be needed. You will need to remove all wax from the affected area. Then you must fill the gouge with wood putty and let dry. Once it is dry you can sand you wood floor and finish once again.

Water Stains
You know how important it is to use a coaster on your coffee table. Think about how easily your wood floors can get water stains! If this should happen, don’t worry. Make sure you remove all the wax and finish from the area. Then, use a fine steel wool pad and liquid floor wax to rub the area. Make sure to wipe the entire area clean before refinishing the scrubbed zone.

Burns can happen on wood floors for many reasons. It can be from a cigarette, or it could be from a hot cookie sheet. There are so many ways in which your floor could get a burn mark. If this should happen, evaluate the situation. Minor burns can be simply sanded away and wiped clean before refinishing. However, if the burn is much deeper, you must cut away the burned wood and add wood putty. Once this dries you can sand and refinish the area.

Wood floors may need more maintenance than linoleum or tile floors, but they make up for it in beauty. Be sure you get your money’s worth out of your floors by knowing how to immediately fix any problem by yourself at home. There is no reason to hire a contractor when you can finish a job for much less money yourself. Wood floor scratches, stains, and burns have no chance if you know the proper repair methods.

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