Things to Do When It’s Snowing and You Can’t Leave the House

Up in the northern parts of the US, we get snowed in a lot of time. In fact, just the other day we got over 10 inches of snow. There’s really nothing you can do when the weather is snowing down. The only thing you can do is stay off of the roads! I have thought of some things to do when the weather won’t let you do anything else.

The first thing you could do is got outside a build a snowman. You can get buttons from inside the house to use and a carrot. You can also put a scarf and hat on him. Try different hats and different looks. You could also build multiple snowmen. You can build a whole family of them or create another work of art of the snow. You can sculpt things out of the snow or ice. Look up competitions and pictures of things people have created out of snow or ice.

Grab a few board games and play away. This is fun for whole family and safe too. At least this way you won’t be driving around in the snow. A few good board games would be monopoly, yahtzee, clue, life and scrabble. These are all fun games for the whole family and kids will have fun and find something to do during the times in which they would probably leave or go to a friends house.

You could look through the closest and organize some things. Help the kids too. Clean out the dresser drawers and make a pile of clothes nobody will ever wear. You can either sell them to a consignment store or ebay or take them to goodwill. Sometimes you will get slips for tax purposes when you drop off items to goodwill. It’s always nice to give somebody something they deserve.

Make a fresh batch of cookies and let the kids help. Just make sure you don’t eat the raw dough because you can get very sick. Buy cookie cutters and sprinkles and get to baking. Make sure you buy things ahead of time so that you wont have to drive out in the snowy conditions. You could also make anything else you could make from scratch like rice crispy treats.

Another fun thing to do is relax and take it easy. Rent a few movies on tv and snuggle up with a warm blanket. Drink some hot chocolate and take it easy. Do not go outside for long periods of time without a coat because hypothermia sets in when your body reaches 95 degrees. Wears hats, scarfs and mittens when you go outside.

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