Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty Product Review

I’m remodeling my bathroom. When we started to replace the bathtub, we found a long, oddly-shaped crevice in the floor underneath. (It was the result of moving a water supply line.) Before the new tub could be installed, the opening had to be repaired. I had used a product in the past that was quick, easy and durable, so I headed to the hardware to buy a can of it. Read this informative Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty product review and find out all about it!

Price and Availability

A 16-ounce can of Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty cost around 5 bucks at a local hardware. According to the company web site, it’s available at retailers nationwide. So, it should be pretty easy to find at places like hardwares, home improvement centers, and even at art supply stores.

If you need more than a one-pound can for your projects, Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty also comes in four-pound cans. If that’s still not enough, you can buy it in 25, 50, and 100-pound drums.

Product Description

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty is a powder that’s mixed with tap water to form a stiff paste. It’s mainly composed of gypsum, or hydrated calcium sulfate. You can use the paste to fix cracks and openings in plaster, wood, tile, stone, cement and concrete.

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty dries to be rock hard. It’s a durable filler that stays where you put it. Once it dries, it doesn’t shrink. You can sand and paint it. You can also saw and mold it. You can even add color to it if you wish. (It dries to become a whitish color.) Before Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty completely dries, you can carve and shave it. So, besides being an all-around patching agent, this product is great for artists as well.

Directions for Use

As I said, I had used Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty to repair another floor before I used it to patch my bathroom floor recently. So I knew all about it and how well it works. Since it hardens up fast, you should only mix up what you’ll use in just a few minutes. According to the directions, you can add a bit of milk or vinegar to the paste to slow down the hardening process.

Some Cautions for Use

According to the company web site, Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty won’t dry if it’s applied in wet or humid areas. It can be used in places that are subjected to the weather as long as it’s protected with paint.

Be sure to check the web site if you’re not sure whether you can successfully use Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty for a certain task.

Test Results and Conclusion

I highly recommend buying and using Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty for repairs around the house. It’s inexpensive, easy to mix and use, and it lasts and lasts. The first repair I made using this product was ten-plus years ago. It’s still rock hard and in place. It hasn’t shrunk or cracked.

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