EMachines: The Leader in Affordable Power

eMachines is a synonym for value. This new model, the T6536, has all the goodies that we all want when we buy a new desktop PC. It has 1GB system memory (RAM), a 250GB hard drive, dual layer DVD burner, and runs Microsoft’s Media Center Edition Windows platform. Despite these powerful features, this desktop PC is only $590 without the monitor direct from the manufacturer.

Another great features about this eMachine model is that it is easy to upgrade, making it perfect for college students, home offices, home use, or any other use you may have for a desktop PC. We haven’t even gotten to the good part.
eMachines is one of my favorites because they offer an AMD Athlon 64 3800+. A negative is that it runs on EIDE hard drive instead of SATA, but most users won’t notice the difference. There are, however SATA ports, so upgrading isn’t difficult. If you’re going to be playing PC games, you’ll probably want to upgrade the video card (comes with onboard nVidia GeForce 6100). You’ll wan to get a PCI x16 graphics card if you’re going to game or if you’re going to be playing with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista. The 3D graphics on the 6100 is sluggish at best and if you want crisp graphics at high resolutions, an upgrade is recommended for this affordable desktop PC.

Available upgrade slots are two DDR DIMM slots, one PCI (or you can get rid of the model and have two), and one free PCIe x1 slot. If you’re a tinkerer, this desktop PC will last you about as long as you want it to, all at less than $600. Having Media Center installed on your desktop PC makes it really easy to manage digital pictures, music, and videos and offers a great way to display them. You can get a TV tuner to fill one of those empty PCI slots and show these items on your television to hopefully willing guests.

Bundled software is McAfee Internet Security package (which I advise you get rid of immediately and install Norton – you have to extend the subscription on McAfee after 90 days anyways), Microsoft Works 8.51 (get rid of it and get Office – join the rest of the world!), and Power DVD. It’s great for students but the Office upgrade is a MUST and the Norton upgrade is highly recommended.

All in all, this desktop PC offers you great value for your money. If you’re going to game or do any graphic editing, you may want to bump up the RAM to 2GB. It has room to grow without making it necessary for your wallet to grow!

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