Easy, Fast and Inexpensive Energy Saving Tips

Are you concerned about your eco footprint? Energy bills outrageous? Maybe you’re preparing for high oil prices in the future? Here are a few tips to save energy that is easy, fast and inexpensive.

Your Water Heater

Until you go solar, one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption is by insulating your water heater. A few precautions are necessary for safety but if done correctly, it is both safe and economical.

Electric Lights

It’s estimated that changing to compact florescent lights can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%. The savings would more than cover the initial added expense of buying the bulbs. Why not replace your incandescent bulbs with CFL’s as they burn out?

Another easy and fast idea is simply to turn off your lights when not in use. How many unnecessary lights do you have on at the moment?

Can you replace your current outside lights with motion detectors? In addition to saving money, it’s also convenient when coming home late at night with your hands full of groceries! You won’t have to put them down to turn on the light.

Heating and Cooling

Your needs are different depending on what climate you live in. For example, Michigan would need tips to reduce heating costs and Florida tips for cooling.


Take advantage of passive solar. Open your drapes during the day and close them at night. Keep windows clean to let the most amount of light in.

Weatherstripping entrances, garages and windows will help to reduce your heating costs. A programmable thermostat is fairly inexpensive when compared with changing your whole system.


Weatherstripping will help your cooling expenses in southern climates too.

You can also take advantage of passive solar by keeping drapes closed during the day. Turn off your air conditioning at night, open the windows and use fans to circulate the cool night air.

If you live in very hot climates, turn your thermostat down and use fans to increase the circulation.

Future Purchases

When purchasing large items in the future, research the energy efficiency of your appliances. For example, flat panel monitors save as much as 30% over standard monitors.

Energy star rated appliances and CFL’s save on your energy bills as well and are an important issue if you decide to go solar later. Even computers are going green!

Saving on your energy bills not only reduce your expenses but also lightens the load on the environment. With a little thought, you can make changes that are fast, easy and inexpensive until you are ready to make major changes in your systems.

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