Easy Fundraising Ideas for Clubs and Organizations

Are you in a club or organization and need funds for a trip or event? The best way to raise cash quickly is to have some kind of fundraiser. There are many easy ways a club or organization can make money. All you need for a good fundraiser are creative methods, time, and some effort. Here are a few great ways you’re group can make some money.

Bake Sale

Many groups have bake slaes because they are one of the best and easiest ways to fund raise. A bake sale also doesn’t cost alot of money for a group so it is very inexpensive. All a group needs to do a bake sale is $30-50 for baking supplies, a place to sell them, and people to advertise and sell them. Baking supplies can be as easy as purchasing cookies in a grocery store or buying brownie mix and baking brownies. Then all you have to do is wrap the baked goods and ship them out to sell. Some good places to hold a bake sale include: schools, parks, in front of stores, street fairs, and any other places that attract alot of people. To make the most out of the bake sale your group should have alot of people trying to sell to increase your chances of having higher profits. Each baked good(s) that you sell should be priced between $.50-1.50.

Car Wash

Another great fundraising ideafor your group or organization is a car wash. A car wash is one of the best ways to make hundreds of dollars. Organizing a car wash can be done within 2-4 days. The first step to a car wash is to find a place to have it. Alot of gorups usually have a car wash at a local gasoline station or in a large parkinglot. Also alot of businesses usually let organiazations or groups have a car wash for free. When having a car wash fundraiser there are two ways to make money. A group can either give free cars wahses or ask for donations or they can chare a fee of $5-10 for a car wash.


This fundraising idea is very unique to do and can make a group alot of money. A raffle can attract alot of people and all you need are a rool of tickets and a prize or two. A fundraiser raffle can last from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on how much your group wants to make. Most raffle tickets can be sold at $1-5 depending on the size of the prize(s). The raffle prize(s) can be anything your group wants to give. It can be gift certificates, tickets to the movies or a concert, or anything that might interest people to purchase a raffle ticket. Another way to get gifts for a raffle can be to ask local businesses to doante prizes. Alot of businesses would love to donate to a group because they can get a tax write off for it. The bigger the prize the more the raffle will attract people so your group can make money.

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