Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I smoked for over 35 years ….. give or take ….. more or less. During that period I quit successfully several times. The problem was not quitting. The problem was staying quit. At the end of one especially successful quitting which lasted a whopping nine months, I managed to dredge up a very rational justification for having “just one”. After that I quit trying to quit because I recognized that my problem was staying quit, and until I could figure out how to do that, there was no point in quitting.

I happened to belong to an email mailing list of like-minded people. One fine day one of them had posted a testimonial about quitting smoking, and raved about the book that made it all possible. The book was called, Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Knowing that nothing could be that easy I filed this email for future reference.

A year or two later as I was starting to put more attention on my health, not being satisfied with it the way it was, I began to entertain the idea of quitting smoking once again. I remembered the filed email and resurrected it from its electronic cobwebs. I immediately “hopped onto” Amazon.com and located it. Allen Carr is British and surprisingly there was no American version available at the time, and they only had a mere handful, so I had to purchase a British version which was more expensive and no doubt replete with British slang – oh, bother!

As I began to read this book I was more than pleasantly surprised. The way that Mr. Carr takes you by the hand and walks you through, is nothing short of masterful. Mr. Carr himself was smoking five packs a day … yes, you read me right, that’s five packs a day, before he somehow managed to work out his system. Actually, it’s not really even a system. It’s an education. But it’s the kind of education that speaks so much truth that you can’t help but pay attention.

What Mr. Carr does is he dispels all the false ideas and myths about smoking. All those false ideas we as smokers allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing, and those false ideas we brainwashed ourselves with. He confronts us with those things we know to be true about smoking that we have pushed away and denied. He confronts us with these in such a way that we can once again accept them because he also shows us the way out and gives us some real hope.

The title, Easy Way to Stop Smoking, is not hype. If you follow Mr. Carr’s instructions heedfully, it is easy. I could not believe just how easy it was. And the best feeling of all is that when I quit, last year, through this book, I knew for a certainty that I would never smoke again – a concept that must be foreign to most smokers who have ever “quit” in the past, the way I used to do. Since that point in time, not only have I stayed quit, but I have never since had any more cravings.

I checked recently and Amazon now has a full stock at reasonable prices. It is also quite likely to be in your local bookstore, or any number of other book outlets. If you smoke and have ever thought of quitting, I dare you read this book.

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