Important Information for Parents Who Have Children with Asthma

According to the EPA, 20 million people in America have asthma. Of those 20, 6.1 million are children. And of those 20 million, 12 million reported having asthma attacks last year. Last year, asthma was the fourth leading cause of children being away from school. Ok, enough with the facts.

When I was growing up, I had asthma, I still do but I have learned to control it. Of course I grew up in a moist climate and had two dogs at all times. We felt that we had to have two so when we couldn’t play with them, they would have each other. When one dog died we just got another one and there was even a period when we had cats, but they got ran over when they were still kittens. Actually one got ran over and one was poisoned. We never did take any care of the cats. Did I mention that we were allergic to both kinds of animals? My brother and sister too. That is probably one of the reasons our asthma was so bad, but we never could live without dogs, they were so much a part of our lives.

Every kid wants a pet when growing up, someone to play with and that will love them just as much if not more than we love them. That is why I’m pointing out some problem areas in your home that you can fix if you have a child with asthma. Please read through this carefully because attacks can come out of nowhere and they can severely hinder your life.

Dust Mites-Avoid foam mattresses, wash your pillows and sheets in hot water once a week. Don’t sleep or rest on upholstered/stuffed furniture. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dust. No carpets in bedrooms. Stuffed animals are a no-no and keep humidity low.

Pets-Consider giving them away, keep them out of bedrooms, and wash them at least once a week. They smell horrible if you don’t, kids with allergies are more susceptible to the smell. No cats!! Keep them on the floor, or else consider getting plastic covering for the furniture.

Cockroaches-They produce proteins in saliva and droppings that trigger asthma. Buy traps, keep food covered, keep sink empty, seal cracks, clean house upside down. Basically keep your house pristine clean at all times.

Indoor mold-Good air circulation is essential. Seriously consider getting a dehumidifier, and move plants outside.

Odors/smoke-Avoid wood burning stoves/fireplaces. Stick with electric or gas heat. No secondhand smoke. Please no firsthand smoke either, these are your kids! Of course you can’t protect them when they go outside, but the house is your domain.

Cleansers-Buy fragrance free

Perfume – Try not to buy if children have asthma.

Please check back in future to see what other articles on asthma I have. Asthma is such a great danger in today’s world what with people smoking and the pollution, you as a parent have to be so diligent in your child’s care.

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