Easy Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

A chalkboard makes a great gift for a child, and can also be handy in the kitchen. Instead of buying one that will have to be mounted, or takes up a lot of room if it is free-standing, try chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint has many uses, and you’ll find it handy for more than you think!

A great idea for a child’s bedroom wall is to paint a chalkboard there. This is easy to do, and fun for the child. Chalkboard paint is widely available at paint and hardware stores, and comes in green or black, spray paint or canned. A few coats of this paint will create a fun chalkboard surface on the wall that children can write on with chalk, and will wash off easily. If you affix a wood frame around it, you have a great looking instant chalkboard. Plus, the chalk can be stored on the ridge around the frame. Chalkboards are great for kids to do art, practice reading or spelling, or even play games like hangman. Parents can help their children with learning shapes, colors, math and reading skills by writing on the chalkboard. They are also fun for parents to use for writing reminders to the children, or drawing funny pictures to make them laugh.

Chalkboard paint is also good for many other surfaces, also. Try painting a small rectangle of chalkboard paint on a kitchen cabinet or portion of the wall near the phone in the kitchen. You will have an instant message board, or a place for writing shopping lists.

You can also use chalkboard paint on toy boxes made of wood. Try painting the lid of a wooden box with the paint, and putting the chalk in a box inside. The children will have a great time decorating the top of the box, and will have a place to store the chalk right there. This is something that can be used in the bedroom or playroom.

Another idea for chalkboard paint is to paint the top of a small table with it. The table is then more than just a workspace for a child, but it is also something a child could decorate!

There are even chalkboard paints and primers that have metal dust incorporated into them, rendering whatever you paint magnetic. So, you have the option of making a magnetic board for the kitchen, or a magnetic chalkboard surface which can be even more useful and fun for whatever you are painting.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a child, or a way to improve your home, try making a chalkboard out of an ordinary surface. It will add fun and convenience to whatever you use it for!

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