Easy and Creative Ways to Organize and Store Flip Flops

Doorways are not good areas to store shoes of any type. They quickly pile up and turn into a cluttered mess. However, entryways are the most convenient locations for footwear since it is the area where they are most often removed. They can be neatly stored near front, back or side doors, and without looking messy. Use these easy and creative ways to organize flip flops. You can sort out dozens of pairs and keep them in a single location, and without adversely affecting your decorating scheme.

Use a Woven Basket to Organize Dozens of Pairs

Select a woven basket to contain and organize several pairs of flip flops near a doorway. If the basket is rectangular and shallow, store them on their sides to make the most of available space. If it is deep and/or round, place them in pairs with the heals facing upward. You will be able to find the perfect pair at a glance, and they will not take up unnecessary closet space or end up scattered all over the floor. Like anything else, they will still have to be put away.

Hang Them on a Lower Entryway Closet Rod Using Child-Size Hangers

Entryway closets are usually used to the fullest potential, even if they are completely full from one side to the next. Reconsider how the space is being used, and think about adding a second closet rod to hang and organize flip flops. Buy plastic child-size hangers, and hang the sandals from the strap holders. Hangers for kids are perfect for holding flip flops, and dozens of pairs can be organized across the lower portion of a closet.

Mount an Organizer on the Inside of the Entryway Door

Shoe organizers do not have to be mounted on the exterior of closet doors. Since they are functional items that are not the least bit decorative, it is best to keep them concealed. A door-mounted shoe organizer especially for lightweight sandals can be used to organize numerous pairs of flip flops. Shop online and you will find a number of fantastic and affordable options. They will be off of the floor and organized in an area that would otherwise go unused.

Source: Professional Home Decorating Experience

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