Easy and Delicious Ways to Top and Decorate Plain Cake Donuts

Plain cake donuts are good, but they can be significantly better. With the addition of frosting and other edible decorations and toppings, they can be extraordinary. They are ideal for parties, holidays, birthdays and more. Save money by purchasing a budget brand from a local grocery store, and use these easy and delicious ways to decorate them. They will look and taste like gourmet treats from a bakery, especially if they are served on a tiered platter.

Add Thick Fudge Sauce and Drizzled White Almond Bark

Thick fudge sauce is much more decadent than canned chocolate frosting. Spread it on plain cake donuts for something delicious and different. Decorate the chocolate sauce with drizzled white almond bark. If desired, top them with sprinkles or jimmies in colors and shapes of your choice. They will taste even better than they look.

Decorate Them with White Canned Frosting and Shaped Sprinkles

Another delicious and easy way to embellish plain cake donuts is with canned vanilla frosting and shaped sprinkles to match the season, holiday or the reason for serving sweet treats. They come in every color and shape imaginable from pink bunny rabbits to blue daisies. Although shaped sprinkles look good, they do not add flavor. What they add is visual appeal and texture to frosted desserts.

Coat the Tops with Caramel Sauce and Chopped Salted Peanuts

Salted caramel is a new flavor fad. These days you do not hear about caramel without the mention of salt. Someone must have decided to try it, and they shared their delicious discovery. If you love sweet and salty treats, top plain donuts with caramel sauce and chopped salted peanuts. It might just become your favorite flavor combination.

Top Them with Peanut Butter and Mini Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter is a favorite flavor of many, and it is also used to create many sweet and flavorful treats. Combine it with milk chocolate and it tastes even better. When looking for easy ways to jazz up plain cake donuts, frost them with creamy peanut butter that has been whipped with canned vanilla frosting. Decorate the peanut butter frosting with swirls, lines and other designs made with mini chocolate chips. If you love peanut butter and chocolate, they will likely become your favorite.

Source: Food Preparation Experience and Experimentation

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