Easy and Fun Professional Clay Poker Chip Plate Chargers

These easy Professional Clay Poker Chip plate chargers are a great project for poker loves to make. They can help create a whimsical and fun poker themed table setting for the poker enthusiasts to enjoy.

You can make these Fun Professional Clay Poker Chip plate chargers in less than an hour. You should expect to pay about $8 per charger.

To Make These Fun Professional Clay Poker Chip Plate Charger You Will need:

Foam Core board

Professional Clay Poker Chips

Spray Paint (optional)

Hot Glue or Tacky Glue

So the first step is to cut out your Professional Clay Poker Chip charger shapes. I like to grab one of my dinner plates and trace it. Be sure to add on about three inches to the circle though so you can see the Professional Clay Poker Chip charger sitting under you plate.

Now, you can cut foam core board with scissors or an exacto knife.

You can buy foam core board in a variety of colors at almost any arts and craft store. If you want though, you can also spray paint it with any color paint you want. Just let this dry before you move on the next step.

Your foam core board will show beneath of your Professional Clay Poker Chip, so color is something to keep in mind.

You can’t decoupage foam core board because it will curl up and warp as the decoupage glue dries.

Tip: Use all the same Professional Clay Poker Chip on this homemade poker themed charger. This will help your plate to set evenly on the table.

Now, start in the middle. Squeeze out a glob of hot glue on the middle of your charger. Press on a Professional Clay Poker Chip into the glue. Now, use this sad you guide. I like to work out towards the edge in a spiral pattern.

You could also work in perfect circles very an over until you reach the edge of the poker game night plate charger.

You could also create lines of color running across the Professional Clay Poker Chip charger.

Now, color is just as important as the design. You can use one color and have 1 Professional Clay Poker Chip in the whole charger be red. That would be a great contemporary look.

For a fun whimsical look try using every color Professional Clay Poker Chip you can find.

All white or all blue Professional Clay Poker Chips on the charger would also be great!

Now, you want to cover the edge of your Christmas charger, so find some ribbon. Run a short bead of glue on the edge. Press your braided ribbon into the edge of the gumdrop. Small details are very important to make a professional and finished looking project.

Now, you need to let these Professional Clay Poker Chip plate chargers dry overnight before you use them.

If you want to you can spray on a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to the entire Professional Clay Poker Chip Plate charger. This will make them water proof and easy to clean.

Tip: If you want you can buy some premade wooden plate chargers that have not been finished. You can stain them in any color you want. Once the wood stain has dried start gluing on the poker chips with epoxy glue. Let this dry. Add the clear cats ot protect the poker chips!

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