Easy and Inexpensive Solutions to Common Floor Problems

Floors of all types experience problems that can lead to everything from simple annoyance to potential long term problems destined to reach into your bank account and flush it empty like an overflowing toilet. The really annoying thing is that so many of these common problems associated with floors can be fixed not only with relative ease but genuine lack of expense. Look over these easy fixes for common floor problems and see if you are not currently letting something turn into a bigger problem than it needs to be.


Floorboards that are still in good shape but produce a squeak can usually be fixed ridiculously easy. In many cases, nothing more exotic than plain old talcum powder is necessary. Just pour some talcum powder into a bottle capable of squirting out the contents. Then aim the nozzle into the floorboard joint and give it a squirt. The squeak should disappear.

Dullsville. Population: Mop

Ever notice that occasionally mopping a floor does the job of cleaning, but leaves a dullness to the floor’s former luster? You may think only an application of wax can clear up this mess, but that’s not true. In most cases, just return with the mop and water only this time add about a cup of vinegar. This should have the same effect that liquid wax has only with less effort and expense required. The luster shall return.

Gum Remover

A number of different options are at your disposal for removing chewing gum that has worked its way into the carpet or has almost fossilized on hard flooring. One of the most effective of these means of removal of gum is the application of dry ice. Placing a chunk of dry ice on even the most stubborn of gum will cause it to harden to the point of becoming so brittle that it easy breaks into pieces small enough to clean up completely.

Shaving Cream

You might just be amazed at how many incredibly common stains can be cleaned from carpeting using nothing more complicated than plain old shaving cream. What home with a carpet has not been subject to spills or accidents that result in the carpet getting stained with everything from coffee to tea, from chocolate to blood? Even lightly colored wine stains can often be removed simply by spritzing some shaving cream into the stain and buffing away the discoloration. Keep in mind that the shaving cream treatment is most effective when you can attack the stain immediately.

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