Eat it Raw – The Importance of Eating Raw Foods

We live in the age of fast food, microwave pasta and order out pizzas. We also live in the age of obesity. Today, according to the American Medical Association, one in four of us are overweight and unhealthy and the culprit appears to be diet more than anything else. So what does a society who grew up on Twinkies and soda to do to turn the tide? Some believe the answer can be found by looking down, at the ground, at the soil and eating raw.

The “eating it raw” movement began in the 1970’s with a woman named Ann Wigmore, M.D. Wigmore, who has since passed away believed that if we just went back to eating foods that were raw and rich in enzymes, we would hold the secret to being healthy. Wigmore and people like her feel that if we as a society were to eat only food that is raw, we would naturally eat the right things. So does this mean that we can only have fruit and salad? The answer is no, however there is a plan that those who believe in eating raw think should be followed, for instance, we should eat more fresh foods such as raw fruits and vegetables. These aid in digestion, and are packed with nutrients. Foods such as sprouted foods, like wheatgrass, alfalfa sprouts and sprouted almonds should be a regular part of the diet. They are a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids and proteins and boost immunity.

According to the “raw movement” we should eat more fermented and cultured foods. These types of foods are said to contain live cultures which fill the intestinal tract with friendly bacteria for fast assimilation and digestion.

According to the movement to eat more raw stuff, foods can be done in such a way that many will not even miss cooked food. There are recipes for soups, breads and pizzas. Many people who are on the raw diet do opt for a balance between raw and cooked food for health sake. They suggest maintaining a diet that’s between 5 percent and 20 percent cooked. They suggest starting with an 80-20 ratio of raw to cooked foods, then increasing your raw intake after your body has adjusted. It does take some time for your body to adjust and you should be prepared for that. The average person’s body is so use to eating cooked foods and not so many healthy raw foods that it will take a bit of time to gear your body towards the healthier fare.
No matter what your take on the “raw diet” is, the medical community tends to agree that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is best.

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