Eating Right to Decrease Arthritis Symptoms

Most individuals with arthritis are used to taking anti-inflammatory medications to relieve the pain of arthritis. Just swallow a pill and the arthritis pain goes away. Right? Now, studies show that certain foods can ease the pain of arthritis. While they don’t claim to be a cure or even provide instant relief of arthritis pain, certain foods have been found to be anti- inflammatory. It is the inflammation in the joints that causes arthritis pain. Likewise, eating other foods is linked to an increase in inflammation and painful arthritis symptoms. Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods may be a natural way to ease arthritis pain.

Eating Right: Omega-3 essential fatty acids are all over the health news these days. We are told to eat more of these healthy fats and oils for better skin, brain function and in order to maintain a healthy heart. Well, eating the same Omega-3s can ease arthritis pain. The fats, found in such foods as flaxseed oil, salmon and walnuts, can help reduce painful inflammation common with arthritis. Also, eating herbs such as turmeric and ginger yield similar results. These herbs can be incorporated into daily cooking. Raw foods, such as berries, apples, red onions and leafy green vegetables also provide anti-inflammatory agents key in easing arthritis pain. Most also contain anti-oxidants and other vitamins and minerals necessary in a healthy diet.

What to Avoid: Just as some foods decrease inflammation, certain foods and habits promote inflammation. Dehydration, or lack of water, can cause inflammation. Eating starchy carbohydrates such as pastas and potatoes increases inflammation as well, as does eating fatty, red meats. Eating fried foods and other processed foods can also increase inflammatory pains of arthritis.

Putting together and eating a healthful diet to limit arthritis pain is just like deciding on a weight loss diet. Certain food work; other foods do not.

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