Ebay – What You Need to Know About Groups & Selling Adult Items

Brief Overview of Ebay Groups

Groups on Ebay are designed to bring together Ebay members with common interests. These Ebay groups enable members to share buying and selling tips, receive newsletters via email, share photo albums, view calendars, participate in polls, and participate in general discussion. But when starting or participating in an Ebay group, you must understand there are guidelines that must be followed.

In order to start your own Ebay group, there are some requirements and guidelines. In order to create the group, the theme of the group must related to Ebay or experiences of community members. The leader of the group must have an Ebay account in good standing, and must be a registered Ebay member for at least 90 days. In order to start the group, the leader must have a feedback score of 50 or higher.

Once a group has been created, the leader of the group will go through a 30 day review period, to ensure the Leader meets all the above qualifications. If the leader of the group has committed any violations of Ebay policies resulting in sanction, the group will be closed.

– An Ebay group can be closed for any of the following reasons:
– The leader is disqualified and a qualified replacement cannot be found.
– There is no member activity in the group for 90 days or more.
– The leader violates any of Ebay’s policies resulting in sanction.

Adult Items on Ebay

Items that may not be appropriate for minors (members under 18 years of age) may be sold on Ebay, but only in Ebay’s Mature Audiences Section. Some items, although it may be legal to sell them to adults, may still be restricted from Ebay.

In order to sell an item that may be of adult nature, Ebay requires that the Ebay member provide credit card information, or alternative age verification, in order to even enter the Mature Audiences section of Ebay. This helps Ebay keep certain that minors are not freely accessing pages of adult material. Although all Ebay members are supposed to be 18 years of age or older, Ebay is not always able to control minors from viewing Ebay listings. For this reason alone, age verification is required to enter the Mature Audiences Area of Ebay.

If a member violates this policy in any way, it could result in many different actions including:

– Listing cancellation
– Account suspension
– Limits put on account privileges
– Loss of PowerSeller status
– Forfeit of Ebay fees on canceled listings

Adult items can and are sold on Ebay. But there are guidelines and rules that must be followed, and the adult items are only available in the Mature Audiences section of Ebay to prevent minors from viewing or purchase.

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