Eco-Friendly Indoor Lighting Ideas

If you are trying to be more eco-friendly by changing the way that you live and think then what better way to get started than eco-friendly indoor lighting. Each time that you flip the light switch on you are using energy. To save energy you would either need to cut down on your light usage or switch to a more eco-friendly lighting source. We might as well face it and just switch since the average person uses more light during the day than what they really need. These websites will give you a great start on eco-friendly indoor lighting. I even start off the article with eco-friendly light bulbs and move on to other eco-friendly lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps. I hope that you enjoy these great places and find the time to make the move to becoming more eco-friendly.

Energy saving light bulbs

The best way to start off on the right foot is to invest in some eco-friendly light bulbs that save a lot on energy and have even been known to outlast regular light bulbs by up to ten years. These light bulbs also come in different watts and are as bright as regular lighting. There are even eco-friendly light bulbs that are especially meant for the outdoors. These energy saving light bulbs can be found on the internet or in stores. Many stores even give one free light bulb away on Earth Day as a way to get people interested in becoming more eco-friendly.

Green Culture

If you are looking for eco-friendly indoor lighting in the form of chandeliers or pendant light fixtures, Green Culture has them and they are very stylish. I had even seen a light fixture in the shape of a motorcycle that was amazing. Many of the eco-friendly indoor lighting designs that they have will go with almost anything and they even have some in bright colors for those who like a little color in their life.

Eco-friendly lamps

This is definitely worth checking out if you are in the mood for lamps but want them to be earth-friendly. There are many lamps to choose from and they look just like regular lamps. Every lamp that is featured on this website is great for eco-friendly indoor lighting. Give your friends something to talk about when you tell them that you are making an impact by replacing your lamps with eco-friendly lamps.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice style it just means that you have to make a few adjustments. The types of adjustments that you make are completely up to you but know that you are making a wise choice. Even if you switch all your light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs you would be doing yourself and this earth a favor.

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