Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re selling your home in the near future or you want to add a few quick fixes for your own enjoyment, you’ll want to create a budget that you can live by. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t have the necessary financial means to completely renovate your house, so what are a few inexpensive ways that you can add an updated look to your home? The cost and financial return of each project can very, but here are a few cheap ways that you can make a noticeable difference to your home and will be sure to add value:

Spruce up the kitchen.
The kitchen has always been considered the most important room of the home. For just a few hundred dollars, you can have your kitchen cooking in no time. First of all, make sure that all of your kitchen appliances coordinate to compliment each other. If the appliances don’t match, order new face panels for them. For instance, you’ll want to convert your white microwave and dishwasher to match the other stainless steel items that are featured throughout your kitchen. One secret that many homeowners don’t know about the face panels on dishwashers is that they are white on one side and black on the other. So if your appliances are black and your dishwasher is white, simply take a minute to unscrew the panel and flip it around and you’ve coordinated your entire kitchen.

If you have a small budget and don’t have the financial capability of changing out the cabinets, then at least change out the cabinet door handles to a modern finish like brushed nickel. A small change like this can really add a polished look to your kitchen. Also, change out the light fixtures in the kitchen space. To make the kitchen look more spacious, install lights that make it look brighter. I also highly recommend changing out the kitchen faucet set.

Change out light fixtures.
If your recessed lighting lacks character, change out your living or dining room light with a more impressive piece. Also, a nice inexpensive method of sprucing up the look to your living room is with the ceiling fan. You can replace the old blades with new ones, all the while leaving the fan body in place.

Paint the front door.
What impression do you want buyers to make of your home when they step up to the front door? To give your home a solid appearance, opt for a new cherry wood look or something similar to give an amazing finish. Replace the old flimsy handle and lock set with something substantial piece that lets the buyer know that security is not a question with this home.

Building a room.
Okay, this one is not as bad as it sounds. In most real estate associations across the country, a bedroom is defined as a living space that has a built in closet affixed to the room. If you have a two bedroom house, but you have an additional living space that is used as an office, call a contractor to see how hard it would be to build in a closet. Most built in closet systems will range from $1500-2000. I know that sounds expensive, but by upgrading the status of your home from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom has increased your value dramatically. Before, what would’ve been a home only fit for a small family has now opened up the possibility for a larger family with two or more children.

Retool the closets.
While we’re talking about closets, if your storage space lacks organization, spend the money to make your closets, pantries, and storage space more functional. This can be accomplished with a series of do-it-yourself wiring systems and can be installed in a weekend or less. If you’re not interested in selling this will still make your home more functional but if you are selling then it will give your home a customized appearances.

Replace the flooring.
If you were to blow your budget on anything then it may be this one. If you have room in your budget, replace the laminate flooring with something more appealing such as stone of tile. It gives a more polished look, and buyers appreciate the durability of stone or tile. Find a friend that specializes in carpentry work and offer to pay them for the help. The materials aren’t overly expensive, but the labor is, so if you can find someone that knows how to do it then I recommend going that route.

Pave your driveway.
This is another one that’s not necessary but will add tremendous value. The outer appearance of your home is extremely important. Paving your driveway is a simple home improvement project and, believe it or not, having a new driveway will make your home appear new as well. This will eliminate all of the worn cracks and ruts in your driveway and will be pleasing to any buyer that drives by your home. This is a simple project that a homeowner could easily do themselves.

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