Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Wood Floors and Wood Furniture

If you are tired of looking at your wood floors or wood furniture that no longer has the shine that it use too but you want to try out eco-friendly cleaning products instead of using harsh chemicals, this guide to eco-friendly cleaning products is the right place for you to be. Wood furniture cannot be wiped off with just water and a wash cloth; you must take care of it the same way that you do your wood floors. Take it from me since my home is covered in mostly wood, these products are all eco-friendly cleaning products and they are great for use on wood floors and furniture.

Hard-oil is great for uses on wood floors. This product is completely eco-friendly and leaves a water-resistant surface once you are done. It is easy to apply and it has low odor. The hard-oil starts at around $6.50 and goes up from there. This hard-oil that is part of the eco-friendly cleaning products is sold at BioShield online.

Hardwax #32 is perfect for giving your wood furniture and wood floors a great shine without all the harsh chemicals of other products. It not only helps to make your wood furniture, doors, and wood floors to shine at their best, but it is also dust and dirt resistant. These eco-friendly cleaning products give you exactly what you need to make the wood in your home shine without all the harsh chemicals.

Wood for Good furniture polish is great for use on all wood furniture. These eco-friendly cleaning products work to protect your wood surfaces and to give it that natural and new look that it once had. Forget about the furniture polish such as Pledge when you have this eco-friendly product.

Microfibercloths help to trap the dirt and dust within the cloth. With this eco-friendly cleaning products there is no need to purchase paper towels to wipe with. The microfiber cloths are great for use on wood furniture and they are completely washable so no more added waste in your home.

Toothpaste is a great product to use for cleaning your mouth but did you know that it will also remove water marks from wood furniture? The next time that you have water marks left by a cup go ahead and run to the bathroom and dab a little bit of toothpaste on your finger and rub away. Toothpaste is actually one of the best eco-friendly cleaning products that you could use on wood furniture. Toothpaste can be found in most stores and even a generic cheap brand will do the job.

Lemon oil and mineral oil works great for polishing wood furniture. I read about this online and found that it really does work and it is a great eco-friendly cleaning product. The way this works is by mixing 2tsp. of lemon oil with 1 pint of mineral oil. This should be placed in a spray bottle and then you just spray and wipe. These products can be found in local grocery stores.

All of these eco-friendly cleaning products work great on wood floors and other wood furniture. If you are looking to go green what better way to do it than with the great eco-friendly cleaning products that have been made for wood furniture?

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