Edgar Ackerman – a True Champion

I first met Edgar when I was stationed in San Antonio. I always referred to him as ‘ole Edgar’ but he was actually in his early 40s. He was the associate pastor to Randy Mask at Faith Assembly of God. He easily could have been a senior pastorâÂ?¦and actually had been. But, he was a man who was secure in what God was calling him to do. I grew to love this man as I could sense his intense passion for introducing people to Jesus Christ.

In those days, the Alazan Apache Courts area of San Antonio was in a rough part of the city. In fact, in October 1994 Audrey Duff wrote an article in Texas Monthly that explores the behind the scenes condition of the government housing area. It’s not what normally comes to mind when one considers going to San Antonio. Instead of a beautiful River Walk, this area of San Antonio has been known as a war zone. But, that didn’t deter Edgar Ackerman. He poured his heart and soul into the 78207 zip code.

Edgar started Agora Ministries that was designed to bring hope to the streets of San Antonio. I can still remember the Radical Christian Training camps that Pastor Randy Mask and Edgar would hold during the summer when I was there in the 1980s. Usually 12 – 14 youth would spend time at the camp hosted by Church in the Wildwood near Canyon Lake near San Antonio. For six weeks, these teens would live at that camp only coming home on Saturday nights so they could do laundry and attend church with their family on Sunday morning.

One year, we took those youth on a mission trip to Reynosa, New Mexico to work with Calvary Commission. It was a great way for the youth to apply the principles of what Edgar and Randy were pouring into them during this intense time of discipleship. Many of those youth have gone on to vocational ministry. Some became pastors and others went into other areas of ministry.

I linked back up with Edgar when I got stationed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I had moved a lot in the Air Force and lost touch. Since my duties found me in San Antonio frequently, he and I would get together for breakfast or lunch when I was in town. He would take me to the youth center he had secured from the city. It was nearly condemned and destroyed by the city, but Edgar was able to get the facility and renovate it back to code. I got him some Subway booths from a closing restaurant and he put those bright yellow booths in the youth center for those Alazan-Apache Courts kids to hang out and have a place to sit.

Alazan-Apache Courts is still no garden spot. But, Edgar Ackerman made a difference in many lives. He is in heaven now�but, the ministry continues and that is the true test of a work for God. Many outreaches die when the founder dies�but, not in this case. Edgar Ackerman�I salute you my dear friend�you were truly a foot soldier for Christ.

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